my 2nd chance at a first love

I fell in love again, but this time i think he's the one, the first time i was with someone it didn't work out he cheated on me three times, but hopefully 2nd times the charm. at least i think it could be


3. Our first date

The next morning i went for a walk through the park, and then Sam came up to me

"Hi Sam"

"Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to go out with me, maybe now for breakfast"


then we went for breakfast, and talked for three hours, until Dean came in, and sat down beside Sam.

We just sat there then Sam said

"Dean what is it?"

"what i can't join my little brother, and his girlfriend for some breakfast"

"why are you really here Dean?"

"okay there's been some strange activity going on around here, and we need to figure it out so say goodbye, and lets go"

then Dean walked out, and i said

"what does he mean by weird stuff Sam?"

"me and my brother well we hunt stuff"

"what kind of stuff Sam?!"

"Supernatural stuff look i'm really sorry that i didn't tell you i just didn't know how to"

then  i walked out, and went home

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