Where love is war (one direction fan fiction)

"Where love is war" is TV show where there are 20 contestants, ten girls and ten boys. There is a King and a Queen. Each week a girl or a boy gets dumbed and who ever makes the best bonds with the other member are most likely to win...read and find out more!
*sorry if its not good this is my first story and its based on a real TV show and im going to try my best and please like it and comment what you think about my story
Leticia xx*


4. Getting all set (girls)

Nina dobrev's POV

I was humming to the song that was playing on radio untill I got a call from Megan..Megan Fox saying that she was hosting "Where love is War" with Taylor Lautner and she was going on and on about how excited she is to host with him and that she had just found out who all the contestants where and she was freaking out about how i was one one of them. "Megan I need to go now and i wish you could tell me who the contestants are but nevermind i would rater like it to be a surprise as much as i hate I hate surprises but this time I hope it will be different. I'll call you later i need to get to the airport bye." "whatever Nina bye" with that i ended the call and started to pack. when i was done packing I said goobbye to everyone and headed to the car.

Selena gomez's POV

"IM SOOOOOO EXCITED" I sang "Calm your tits selena" said austin(not austin mahone) my best friend. "yeah what ever you know your really gonna miss me when Im gone from like...." I paused " Three months" he completed covering his face with his hands. "what's wron-" when i was about to say wrong he stood up and grabbed my face gently and kissed my lips slowy waiting for me to kiss back his lips were soft and smoth but i didnt dare to kiss him back after all he was my best friend with that thought i pushed him off of me. "Austin what do you think you were doing" i asked "Babe you tell me what was I doing" he said while smirking "Babe? when did you start calling me that? well it doesnt matter. Your my best friend and Im your bestfriend and we can be anything more than that Im sorry" I said while i was about to give him a hug. "We can be best friends I didnt want to change that either but can we be friends with benifits" he said and contiuned to smirk. I stoped dead in my tracks " What the fuck! NO WAY! NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS (zayn said that in the best song ever video lol) who do you think I am, a fucking slut if u do think that way your wrong, think again you fucking bastard get out of here NOW" I said and as he started to head to the door I grabbed his colar and said "If you ever come in front of him again i swear i'll make you regret it. Now wat are you looking at? Go!" grrr why cant I just have one normal day. Well whatever Its doesnt matter but the exciting thing is that i am going to be on the first season of "Where love is War" I am SO EXCITED....I looked at my brand new blackberry to check what time it was "OH shit I only have 20 mins to get to airport" "bye guys i have to leave" Damn it i didnt even get to say proper good bye's.

Monica's POV

*One week ago*

I was laying on my bed looking through twiiter with i got a notification saying "Miss Monica Im Megan Fox I just wanted to tell you that you have been selcted to be in the TV show which is called "Where love is War" and your one of the three that are selected from twitter randomly and othere contestants that are going to be in TV show are celebrity so cry not to freak out about that haha and I willl be hosting "Where love is War" with Taylor Lautner..I really hope to meet you in person" Celebrities NO way! Im rejecting this for sure I mean come on there will be a lot of drama and stuff no way Im not participating in this show.

*present day*

Im getting ready to go to the airport I cant believe I agreed to this! I know you must be thinking how did i change my mind well i didnt change my mind my best friends did....you know how three non celebrities get selected well one was me and what a coincidence the other two were none other than my best friends, cant believe it huh? i'll you what happened later that day.

*one week ago*

I was about to reply to Megan fox that i didnt want do whatever that show she told me about when i got a call from my best friend who is the opposite of me "Hey Kat" "OMGGGG guess wattt?" she yelled through the phone "jeez im right here dont need to yell..what?" I replied then I got a call from Juliette my other best friend "ummm can you hold on Kat i'll do a confrence call you, me and Juliette. she is trying to call me" I said "oh yess i need to tell her too hurrry upp" she said. I started the confrence and i was about to say something until Kat and Juliette "I just got seleted to "Where love is War" they both said in unison. "what the fuck me too and im not doing it"  I said "no WAYYY...AND yes you are going to do that show" kat said "yeah i agree" juliette said "are you guys seriously doing it??? i cant believe it bye guys" i said annoyed "NOOO Monica please do it" both of them said..i guess i could try. "ok Im in" 'YAYY" both of them said

Juliette's POV 
I was wearing my favorite pink dress which had cute yellow flowers on it which stopped right above my knees it was not like a slutty dress but it was short and I liked it.  I was really excited but not as excited as Kat though. I packed all my stuff and I reminded myself that I had to win "Where Love is War" with the right Guy. When I found that we were all randomly selected on twitter by the managment of "Where Love is War" I was excited I mean not for the money I was going to win but because there might be chances that I could my prince charming like they say in fairy tales. I checked throught all my social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and vine. And saw that harry styles had just uploaded a video and i watched it really quick and got a text from Kat From: KittyKat

Hey JULI! Where ever you are come to the airport now me and moni are waiting for.. hurry up juli. The flight departs in about 10 minutes so u better hurry up! xx 

To: KittyKat

I'll be there in a minute.

After i texted her I hugged my parents and said I was going to miss them and they said the same thing and I sat in my seat and started the engine.

*7 mins later*

"JULI!!!!!! ur finally here" Kat came running and hugged me tight "omg stop ur embarrassing me and hey moni! Are you excited?" i asked nowing her answer "yeah very much more than you guys are" she said in a sarcastic tone while rolling her eyes. "Omg thats great, I thought you didnt want to I mean only stupid people would not wanna be in a TV show right Moni?" Oh Kat she doesnt even get sarcasm.."grr KATTT! it was sarcasm" moni said "oh yeah I umm totally knew that. WE have to get going now come on" Kat said.                          

Kat's POV

So we were all waiting for the flight to depart. I cant wait till I reach London, we will be landing london after 6 hours. Im so lucky that I get to ride the flight with my friends atleast i wont get bored. It was all silent untill moni decided to talk "do you think One direction is going to be there? If they are there then I will beg every guy to dump me on the first week so i can go home" did I forget to tell you how much moni hates One direction I mean she loves listening to their music and all but i dont know why she hates them she never likes talking about it and the person that gets on her nerves is Harry styles. "i dunno" Juli said "I have no clue sorry moni" i said.

*6 hours later*

we got all our suitcases and our purses and started to head out the airport. And i started to wonder why there were not many people on the flight and the airport too. On the flight i think there about 20 passengers and that was not a lot. As I was about to question Moni and Juli I realised that they were no where in sight thats why i turned around, when i turned around i couldnt believe who Moni and Juli were talking to OMFG!

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