Where love is war (one direction fan fiction)

"Where love is war" is TV show where there are 20 contestants, ten girls and ten boys. There is a King and a Queen. Each week a girl or a boy gets dumbed and who ever makes the best bonds with the other member are most likely to win...read and find out more!
*sorry if its not good this is my first story and its based on a real TV show and im going to try my best and please like it and comment what you think about my story
Leticia xx*


3. Getting all Set (boys)

Harry's POV

Its finnaly the day. I cant belive I am doing spend almost 3 months in the villa with so many other celbreties I hope there will be a lot of hot gir-. "HARRREHH" Naill shouted. "What now? Are you hungry again" I replied getting annoyed. "No harry I just wanted to let you know that we are leaving in about 10 mins so don't get lost in your thoughts" Naill said and rolled his eyes when he said thoughts "Yeah mate I'll be downstairs in a minute" I said and i started to put all the things i needed in a suitcase and headed gown stairs looking through twitter on my iphone 5. "GUYS!!! Im ready now lets go" I yelled "me too" Naill, Louis and Liam said in unison. "What the hell! where is zayn we need to go to the airport now!"

Zayn's POV

I was really in a bad mood I mean who would like to spend 3 months in a villa and hope to find the ultimate gir of your dreams, urgg i just hated that. And Harry is so excxited because he could just get a new fuck buddy. But I guess you never know you could really find the girl of your dreams. I grabed my Iphone which was on the nightstand and unlocked it, so I could call my mum. I called her and said wish me luck mum I really hope to win "Where Love is War" with the right girl and my mum wishes me good luck and with that i ended and the call and started to fix my hair and I was about to open my closted until I heard harry shout "What the hell! where is zayn we need to go to airport now!" and i started hurry and i wore a black skinny jean, white T-shirt and red converse and headed downstairs puting my Iphone in my pocket. "Im here" I yelled

Laim's POV

We were all set accept Zayn he is always busy fixing his precious hai- "Im here" zayn interrupted "good mate lets go now" i said and we all headed towards the car. I guess you can say I was little excited.

Justin Beiber's POV

"Are you done?" my manager yelled "yeah man im right here, you dont have to yelll, and when you talk please pull out your head phones for me thanks" i said getting really frustrated but I didnt show how frustrated I was "oh Im sorry I always forget that haha" he replied felling sorry that he almost broke my eardrums " haha yeah very funny" i said in a sarcastic tone. " we better get going its a 6hrs flight and it departs in an hour so we need to be at the airport in less than 20 minutes" he said "ok lets go then what are we waiting for"

Leo's POV

I needed a break from all of the drama thats currently going on in hollywood thats why I gladly excepted the offer of entering "Where love is War" Im so fucking excited because I get to spend time with a lot of hot girls. its past 10:00 and I needed to be at the airport in 10 minutes. "sir we have to go now" Jack my driver said very politely. "what the fuck man i have told a million times you dont have to talk to me like im a god, talk to me like a brother yea?" I said as I rubbed his back "ok si- I mean leo can we get going now" "haha yeah"

Cody Simpson's POV

"Alli, Tom and Brad say bye to Cody now he has to leave and we are 100 percent sure that he is gonna win "Where love is War" with the right girl. And last but not least play safe son" that was my mum she is very protective and I couldnt even imagine being away from her for about 3 months and I know I have been on tours and stuff but i atleast get to call her  but in "Where love is War" we couldnt call or contact any of our family member, I hope three months goes real fast.

**Authors note tell me what you think guys. And do u think i should do a POV of Naill, Louis, Ian somerhalder and Austin Mahone or do you want me to starts on the girls POV. Its your choice comment**




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