Where love is war (one direction fan fiction)

"Where love is war" is TV show where there are 20 contestants, ten girls and ten boys. There is a King and a Queen. Each week a girl or a boy gets dumbed and who ever makes the best bonds with the other member are most likely to win...read and find out more!
*sorry if its not good this is my first story and its based on a real TV show and im going to try my best and please like it and comment what you think about my story
Leticia xx*


5. Arrivals

Taylor Lautner's POV

I was waiting for all the girl contestants to arrive while Megan Fox was waiting for the boys. The airport was pretty much empty because we were filiming the whole thing so there would be a lot of fans who could interrupt so the management of "Where Love is War" had stopped all the fights except the contestants and the crews flights that were arriving at London. There was a camera man sitting right beside me so he could film when I inroduce the contestants. I see three girls walk past me the first one was ahead and she looked like she trying to find something or someone and the other two were walking like turtles all three girls looked familiar..Oh fuck! those are the randomly picked twitter girls. "Jake(camera man) hurry up we need to go" i said and pointed a the girls. We both headed towards them and didnt take two long to catch up . I tapped on one of the girl's shoulder, she stopped and turned around while the other girl kept walking trying catch up with her other friend, I guess she didnt see me. " 3 2 1 your on" said jake. I brought the mic in front of my mounth on started talking "Hi Im taylor Lautner you must be Juliette right" she just nodded and try to yell her friends name but it cant out in a whisper. "MONI!" her friend turned around and walked towards us and i said "and your monica?" woah juliette was cute and pretty but this monica chick was hot and sexy. "yeah thats me" she said with a bit of attitude and i thought to myself oh that type she didnt even look intrested talking to me which kind of annoyed me but juliette was very nice and sweet. "umm where is you other friend?" I asked. "Over there." juliette pointed. "*laughs* why is her mouth opened" i asked "Because she wants to keep it open!" monica replied. "what moni means is that she is a little over excited. kat come over here" Juliette said "ok" that girl started walking towards us "so if im not wrong your Kat" i asked "Y-yeah thats me" she shuttered. "so are you all excited to be in "Where Love is War"?" "Yeah we are" Kat said "OK guys it was nice meeting you. You guys can sit in that car over there we will be leaving the airport in 10 mins. so please dont mind waiting" i said. "your off" jake said "ok girls i cant tell you who the other contestants are. But you three are goin to be riding the same car but the other contestants are gonna ride by themself and you guys will all have a driver so now if you dont mind please go and sit in the car" i said "whatever you say Boss" if you guessed that it was moni, then you are right it was her. They all started to walk to the car but i grabed moni's hand "ill see you later yeah?" "umm let go of my hand bitch" Woah did she just call me a bitch? she is gonna pay for that. "ok" i said plainly."lets go over there i see Nina Dobrev" jake said "ok lets go" we both ran "you guys are on" he said again "Hey Nina Im Taylor Lautner nice to meet you so are you excited?"

Nina Dobrev's POV

I arrive at the london's airport im so happy because there are no crazy fans. Dont get me wrong I love all my fans but I was really tired So I was not in a mood to sign autographs. I was looking around and I saw a camera men and a guy who was holding a Mic ran towards me I exactly knew why."you guys are on" the camera man said "Hey Nina Im Taylor Lautner nice to meet you so are you excited?" am i excited? to be honest no im not."yeah i am really excited..and nice to meet you too" i lied "hope you'll have a good time in the villa" he said "thanks" i replied "so miss Dobrev that will be your car please go ahead and have a seat we will all be leaving the airport in 10 mins" he said. "ok"

"Your off" camera man said

Taylor Lautner's POV

 I did the same thing over and over again inroducing myself and asking them if they were excited all of them said yes. Right now Nina Dobrev, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Alexandra Chando, Leighton Meester, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, Kat, Juliette and Monica were all in their own car. And I was waiting for Megan Fox because we both are supposed to ride the same car.

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