Where love is war (one direction fan fiction)

"Where love is war" is TV show where there are 20 contestants, ten girls and ten boys. There is a King and a Queen. Each week a girl or a boy gets dumbed and who ever makes the best bonds with the other member are most likely to win...read and find out more!
*sorry if its not good this is my first story and its based on a real TV show and im going to try my best and please like it and comment what you think about my story
Leticia xx*


6. Arrivals (part 2)

Megan Fox's POV

Umm I was so fucking tired ok asking the management of "Where love is War" to make me one of the contestants...I mean why did they have to pick me to be a host. After I had intreviewed Leo, Ian Somerhalder, Justin Beiber, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. And Cody Simpson was a sweet heart.

*5 minutes ago when I was interviewing Cody*

"you guys are on" said my camera man zac. "Hi Cody Simpson. Im Megan Fox. So how are you feeling today" i asked smiling "Hi Megan. First of all your really pretty and im feeling great thanks for asking" "thanks Cody and your a sweet heart" when i said that i could see him blush ahaha. "OK Cody so that will be your car, you have to wait for 10 more minutes we will be leaving right after all the contestants arrive" I said.


"Megan! Who else are we waiting for?" Zac asked. "Umm I think the boy ba-" when i was about to complete my sentence I was rudely interupted my an Irish voice "Hello Im Naill Horan, I was trying to find the crew of "Where love is War" because I am a contestant and my mates too" he said as he pointed his friends who were standing right next to him  "Im Louis Tomlinson, we thought that you could be the host because you were holding a mic and there was a carmera men beside you" The boy with striped T-shirt said "Yep you thought right. And you guys are all gonna introduce yourself to me when zac say's your on..ok?" i said and they all nodded "you guys are on" Zac said.

"Hi guys Megan here and Im here with the last five contestants of "Where Love is War" and Im sure you guys will freak out when you find out who there are" I said as I smirked. And the camera turned to the boys and they all said in unison "Hey guys we are One direction"  The boy with the curly hair took my hand, kissed it and said "Hi megan.. can i tell you something" and I nodded. "your very Hot!" umm ok I get that a lot "Thanks. So are you guys excited to be in "Where Love is War"?" I asked "Umm hell yeah" zayn said. "Surely glad to be here Megan" Liam said "yeah me too" said Naill "same here" Louis said. harry was the last one to respond "you bet" and he winked at the camera. "Ok so that will your car we all will be leaving the airport in a couple of seconds and I will meet you right in front on the villa near a pool"I said and walked away. I stood in front of a sigh which said "London airport" and said "so all the contestants are on the way to the villa now. You guys know all the contestants but none of them know each other hope they dont get too shocked..This is me Megan and you watching "Where Love is War...And it's HOT as HELL"" i said and bit my lips. "Your off Megan" zac said we both started heading towards our car.."Megan! Over here.." said taylor. I ran towards him, hugged him and we both sat in the car and we were off to villa and i couldnt wait for the Drama to Begin!

**PLease like and favorite it will mean a lot thanks. And comment! -thanks Leticia xx


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