He's The One

Louis and Harry have been together for 3 year now, but Harry isn't feeling the spark anymore, he has planned to break up with Louis soon. Will Louis find out? Will Louis be able to change his mind? Or will it be to late?


1. Is he the one?

Louis's POV I walked into Harry's room and layed down next to him and cuddled with him, he was so warm I just didn't wanna let him go. We had been together for 2 years and today was our 3rd year together and I was so happy with him I hope he feels the same when he's with me I'm so close to him I know all his deepest darkest secrets and he knows all of mine I love him and he loves me. "Happy 3 year averserry babe" he says to me as he gently pecks my lips "happy 3 year averserry to u too" I say with a big smile on my face as I nussel my head into his neck.   Harry's POV He nusseled his head into my neck I loved Louis with all my heart and he loved me too, we have now been together for 3 whole years and he made me so happy when I was around him and I knew I made him happy too. I move his head to look into my eyes and I ceress his cheek "I love you Louis and I always will" I say as I was about to kiss him he turned away.   Louis's POV Did I love him? No I didn't at least not anymore the spark wasn't there anymore and I didn't feel the love half of me says stay with him and the other says leave him I decided to stay maybe ill break up with him later (a/n ik this part is confusing but the first Louis's pov is the 1st half of him sorry) he's not the one I guess but I don't wanna hurt him I do like him as a mate that's it.   Harry's POV does he even love me? Yes he does he always told me he did and he'd never lie to me he's my boyfriend and I love him. "I love you too babe" he said and I planted a kiss on his lips it felt so good when I kissed him maybe he was the one  I don't know but maybe he is. I pulled back and smiled then I cuddled up with him and closed my eyes and continued thinking about him dreaming of our wedding and us living happily ever after.   Louis's POV he cuddled up to me and closed his eyes I was thinking of how I should break up with him and not hurt his feelings I had finally came up with an idea of how I would do it I was going to do it a week from today at Starbucks where we first met and I would let him down gently and go on with my life "goodnight babe" he said to me softly "goodnight to you to babe" I said as we both went to sleep.
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