Look After You

Sarah was Louis's girlfriend, Emma was Louis's BFF, they miss Louis dearly and can't imagine leaving each other. But what happens when Emma gets feeling for Louis? What happens when Sarah gets depressed? Will louis ever find out?


1. Coming back

Louis's POV We have been on tour for like 4 months and I haven't seen my girlfriend Sarah or BFF Emma since I left to tour with the band I felt bad for leaving them but I text/call them all the time and they update me in how they are doing in school and how much they miss me which is allot and I miss them too especially Sarah, I can't wait to hold her in my arms once again and here her soft and gentle voice, she is the most amazing girlfriend ever and I can't wait till we get back home in a few days so I can see her and she's been texting me about how exited she is to see me and it makes me smile.   Sarah's POV I kept texting Louis knowing he was coming back home in a few days and I would be waiting for him at my house for him to knock on the door and hug me. I heard a knock at the door I opened it and it was Emma I had found her on twitter and she was Louis's BFF so she missed him to and I invited her over "hey Emma" I said as I hugged her and let her in "hey Sarah" she said as we both plopped down on the couch "Louis is coming home in a few days" I told her exitedly "I know he told me too I can't wait to see him again" she said "I can't wait to see him either I haven't seen him in months" I said as I flipped through the TV channels "it's felt like forever though" she said stretching and yawning "I know right" I said with a grin.   Emma's POV I had only met Emma a month or two ago and we are already best friends we both missed Lou allot since I was his BFF and she was his girlfriend we both texted him like crazy and we both laughed at the cartoons we were watching "want some popcorn" she said and I nodded as we both got a soda and fixed popcorn when it was done we sat back down on the couch and ate some while we watched cartoons. Our favorite cartoon was spongebob it was so funny and stupid at the same time it also made us think of Louis so we were fine about watching it we name the characters after the boys, us, and some members of the 1d crew. It was fun hanging out with Sarah soon it was time to go to sleep I slept in her extra room and fell right asleep.   Sarah's POV I went to my room and layed underneath the covers I turned on my radio and texted lou goodnight and listened to look after you by the fray on repeat all night till I eventually I drifted off to sleep thinking about Lou.
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