Summer Loving

My name is Ariana Payne and every year I go and spend the summer with my brother and his mates. This year we rented a beach house in australia. What happens when Liam finds out about her new boyfriends secret. Will it be over? Will something new start? Read to find out.


3. Not Funny

My leg had finally healed but I wouldn't go back in the water. I felt like the shark was still there, so I would stay at the pool and hot tub and beach but never the ocean. Zayn and Liam would hang out with me in the pool and stuff. I was swimming around the pool when I noticed a dark figure and a fin. "AAAAHHHHH" I screamed and started hyper ventilating. "Louis jumped out of the water. "HAHA gotcha! (Then he realized no one was laughing) OMG I'm so sorry Ary! It was a joke! Im SOOOO sorry" he apologized.

"Louis why would you do that?!?" Liam screamed as Zayn yelled "Ary its ok it was just Louis, breathe." calming me down I got out of he pool and went to bed. I don't ever want to see Louis again. Just then I heard a knock on my door. 

"Who is it?!" I yelled

Its me, Zayn. Open up love." I unlocked the door and got back in my bed. Zayn lied down next to me.

"He's really sorry, love. He shouldn't have done that and he knows now especially because go his black eye. I sort of punched him when you came up here."

"he deserves it, and you know I hate violence. But why would he joke about it, he obviously hasn't noticed I won't go in the ocean or the scars all over my leg. They're disgusting looking."

"Babe they aren't that bad, and he knows he shouldn't have done it. Goodnight" then he kissed me and left the room. I quickly fell asleep.

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