Summer Loving

My name is Ariana Payne and every year I go and spend the summer with my brother and his mates. This year we rented a beach house in australia. What happens when Liam finds out about her new boyfriends secret. Will it be over? Will something new start? Read to find out.


2. Jaws

I woke up to Harry and Louis jumping on my bed. 

"Finally you're awake!" Harry screamed

"You owe us ice cream and carrots!" Louis yelled.

"Sorry i forgot now let me go back to sleep."

"No now you must get our requests tonight and make us breakfast." Harry said

"Ugh fine" I followed them down stairs and made french toast, bacon, and eggs. when it was done Niall, Liam, and Zayn had made their way to the kitchen. We all ate.

"Hey want to go out clubbing tonight?" Harry suggested.

"YEAH!" Louis yelled

"Ill be the designated driver" Liam offered

"Sure mate" Niall said

"Im going to stay back and catch up on some sleep." Zayn said. Then they looked at me.

"Don't look at me I'm too young to get into those places!"

"Well then us 4 will go tonight." Louis stated. The day went by quickly, I had made the ice cream for Harry and got the carrots for Louis and before I knew it Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry were on their way to the club.

"Im gonna go in the hot tub for a bit. Care to join?" Zayn offered

"Sure" I said and we went outside and into the hot tub. We both got in and were talking for a bit.

"So i thought you said you were going to catch up on sleep?" I eventually asked

"Eh Im not tired anymore, so I figured I'd just hang with you."

"Thanks but you could've gone out."

"I wanted to have some Ary and Zayn time"

"Why? We could've another time."

"Cuz I couldn't wait much longer to do this." Zayn said before coming closer to me and kissing me on lips. It was amazing, "sparks flew', haha no it was more than that, bombs went off. When we pulled away I didn't know what to say.

"Well then." Was what finally came out before he pulled me over so I was sitting on his lap.

"How about we turn last nights truth into a dare." Zayn suggested before pulling me into another kiss, it was so passionate, I felt him softly bite my lip before his tong slid into my mouth. When we had both ran out of breath we just sat there enjoying the moment until Zayn finally spoke up.

"Arriana will you do the honors of being my girlfriend?" He asked shyly

"I'd love to." Then he gave me a quick kiss and we went back to talking, about nothing important but we had planned a date to the movies tomorrow. I wonder what the boys would  think of this?

After a bit we both decided it was time to go to bed and headed our separate ways to our rooms which were oh so far away, kidding, they were across the hall from each other but we slept in our own beds. (So you don't get the wrong idea)


The next day I woke up, took a quick shower, got dressed, etc. nothing interesting about getting ready. I went downstairs and sat at the counter where Harry was making waffles, toast, and bacon, we all love bacon.

"Morning love" Harry said

"Good morning Hazza"

"Whats got you in such a good mood?"

"Eh nothiing" I figured Zayn and I would tell them all at once.


After everyone had come down and eaten breakfast we went to the beach. Zayn threw me over his shoulder and ran into the water until the water reached his stomach and he threw me in! 

"Zayn!" I yelled before jokingly pushing him on the chest and I have to admit his abs were rock hard. DANG!

"What? You didn't swim yesterday so I decided I would force you to today."

"Its freezing though. Thats why I didn't go swimming." Thats when I saw it. A giant shadow swimming towards us.

"Z-Z-Zayn, there isn't sharks in this area is there?" then he saw it too and started swimming with me and pushing me closer to shore but the shark was faster than he could help me swim because I wasn't tall enough to touch the bottom making it harder unlike him. He slowly got ahead of me. Then I felt it, I huge pain going through my right leg.

"AAaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain. The other boys looked up from what they were doing and saw the blood before rushing into the water to my rescue. The shark quickly swam away as fast as it had came but I was still bleeding, badly. Louis called the ambulance, while Liam ripped off his shirt and put it on my leg while keeping pressure on it. My vision was getting blurry and I could see the tears and fear in Liam and Zayns eyes especially. Then everything went black, like I had fallen asleep.


Zayns POV

I had tried to help her swim faster.

"Its all my fault. Stay with us Ary." I kept repeating. I could tell we were losing her. No, I had just gotten her and I was already losing her. We were applying pressure to the bite, it was pretty bad but her lower leg was still there, barely hanging onto the rest of her leg, but it was there with was good.

"Im just gonna rest my eyes" she mumbled before closing her eyes and drifting off. Finally the ambulance arrived but she had already fallen asleep it looked like, they took her and we had to take a separate car but we folioed behind the ambulance and rushed with them to the hospital. But the only thing i could think of was the it was all my fault, she wasn't planning on swimming but I had forced her to. It was all my fault.

We waited in the waiting room worrying about her for what seemed like days. Then a nurse came in.

"Is anyone here for Arriana Payne?" We all stood up "Follow me" as we worked our way down the halls towards her the nurse was talking "She still asleep and we think she might be in a coma but she's in and out of it so she could be in the coma for an hour or even a month. No longer." The nurse said and continued but I wasn't listening, I was too busy worrying for here and blaming it on myself. we finally reached her room and went inside, we sat in the chairs and pulled them so they were surrounding her bed. She looked so peaceful. Liam had been holding her hand with tears streaming down his face. I simply sat there with a waterfall of tears pouring down and the other boys were lightly crying. After an hour or so everyone went home other than Liam and I. I was too worried, I stayed with her that whole night but nothing happened. I fell asleep lying next to her on her bed once Liam left at like 2am.

I woke up to my pillow moving. Actually shaking me.

"ARRIANA!!!! you're awake!" I hugged her tight "I thought i had lost you"

"What? Who's Arriana? Who are you? Where am I? Who am I?!?" She asked confused.

"You're Arriana love, Im your boyfriend/brothers best mate, and you're in the hospital."

"HUH? who's hurt? What happened?"

"A shark bit your leg love." I replied "I'll be right back" I went and got a nurse and explained everything that had just happened to her. She said to take her home and have her do her normal things and if she didn't get her memory back within about a week that it may be gone forever.I drove here home and the boys saw her and ran up to her with hugs and she started getting nervous.

"Whats wrong Ary?" Liam asked

"Who are YOU guys?"

"Wait you don't remember us?" They asked and looked at me and I explained.

"Well these are your friends and this is your brother" I said and they told her their names one by one.

"Oh yeah..." she said pretending she remembered them.

"You don't remember us do you. "

"Sorry but no" she said. "Did you guys meet my boyfriend?" she asked

"Your what?" Liam asked scared of what she was about to say

"No..." Louis said

"Who is he?" Hazza asked concerned as she pointed to me and I smiled.

"Since when?!!!" Liam said furiously

"Uh, well when you guys went clubbing we were hanging out and ya." I said nervously scratching my neck as Ary sat there nodding like an idiot like she knew.

"May I talk to your 'boyfriend' real quick? It'll only take a minute." Liam said before pulling me into the other room.

"What the hell man?! Thats my sister!"

"I know but nothing happened and I would never hurt her"

"You better not or else One direction will be made of 4 guys." Lim threatened

"I know"

"Hey lets watch a movie" Harry suggested. We put in the movie we had just watched because maybe it would bring back memories, you never know. When it got to the scary part Arriana didn't do anything, she just sat there as if she were watching the wall.

"Lame! We just saw this movie why did you guys choose it again?!" She said when it finished

" What?!? When you first saw it you hid the whole time!" Liam said

"Well we saw it a day or two ago" she said which is when I realized none of us had told her we had just watched it.

"Wait do you remember watching it that day?!" I asked filled with hope.

"Well ya I hid behind Hazza and threw popcorn before hiding behind you and then we played truth or dare! DUH" she said.

"WAIT, what was Nialls and I's dares?"Harry asked

"Well you had a cup of ice down your pants and Niall went for a swim in the shark-filled ocean naked." She said

"YOUR MEMORIES BACK!!!!!!" Liam and I yelled before tightly hugging her.

"Well ya how could I forget about my past, especially when you asked me to be your girlfriend babe? Thats right I couldn't have forgotten forever."

I hugged her even tighter before pecking her on the lips.

"EEEWWWWW PDA!" Louis yelled while covering his eyes

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