Summer Loving

My name is Ariana Payne and every year I go and spend the summer with my brother and his mates. This year we rented a beach house in australia. What happens when Liam finds out about her new boyfriends secret. Will it be over? Will something new start? Read to find out.


1. Moving In

I'm Arriana, yes Arriana Payne. Every summer I go and live with my bro Liam and his mates. I was heading to the airport right now. This year we rented a beach house in Australia! I've always wanted to go there. If I'm lucky ill pick up an accent. (Authors note->my dream is to go to Australia and get an accent and I've never been out of America so don't judge this story if I'm not right about something in Australia) I boarded the plane and buckled up in my seat and prepared for the long ride... When the plane landed I collected my things and got in a taxi cab. When I got to the beach house the boys were already there. I had the biggest room in the house with a balcony and a view of the beach. There was a huge bathroom attached to the room and a walk in closet. I quickly unpacked and got in my swim suit. I went downstairs to find the boys getting ready to go out to the beach. We all started walking towards the beach but when I put my first foot on the sand Louis and Harry ran at me an picked me up and ran me to the ocean. Louis had my feet and Harry my arms as they swung me back and forth skimming the water.

"Ahh don't do it! Please!" I yelled.

"I don't know, I think you need to go for a nice quick swim don't you Harry?" Louis said.

"Please ill do anything!!!" I screamed

"anything???" They both asked and looked at each other smiling

"even get us ice cream?!!!" Harry said

ooh and carrots!" Louis added

sure" I quickly replied. They brought me back to shore and put me down and told me they wanted their ice cream and carrots tonight before bed. I went over to where Liam had layed down some towels and lied on one.

"Hey that's my towel" Harry said as he lied down next to me

"sorry but that's NOT my problem" I said.

"Fine then we'll share it" Harry reasoned

"I guess" I said. We were both lying down for a while when Louis came over and said

"oooo looks like Harry's found his summer looOOooove" teasingly.

"Nah Ary and I are just friends" harry said while shoving my shoulder but his hand slipped and hit my boob.

"EHR MA GERHD less PDA!!" Louis yelled while running away. Harry's face had turned redder than a tomato by then as he continuously apologized. After a bit I just busy out in laughter and when my laugh attack was done I said

"it fine dumby!" Because Harry was giving me strange looks. It was starting to get dark so we headed inside and I took a quick shower to get the sand off of me and got in my pjs. When I went downstairs the boys were starting a movie.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked the boys

"Last house on the left!" Zayn said

"but it's too scary for u wittle sis so if I were you I'd go watch some Dora in your room" Liam said in a baby voice.

"F**k you" I replied as I sat on the couch between Harry and Zayn. When they took the killers found the girl at her house and it was getting really intense I hid behind Harry because he was the closest.

"It's just movie, love" Harry said jokingly. I slowly came out from behind him and when I was finally sitting normal again something popped out and I jumped throwing the popcorn everywhere and then hiding behind Zayn. After the movie was finally over we played truth or dare.

"Truth or Dare Niall?" Louis started

"Um... Dare" Niall replied

"I dare you to run out to the beach and go for a quick swim, naked"

"Fine its a private beach anyways" then Niall started stripping as i turned my head and i heard him run outside. After a minute we heard a huge splash and then he came running back in. (My head was still turned though cuz i didn't want to see, that)

"Your clear now Arriana" Niall said laughing

"uh truth or dare Harry"


"HM put a cup full of ice down your pants and leave it there to melt." Niall said before getting a glass of ice. Harry took it and put it down his pants

"Ahhhhhhh soooo cold, it might freeze off mate." Everyone burst out laughing while Harry kept complaining.

"You guys are mean!" Harry pouted

Shouldn't have chose dare" I said

"Well then Mrs. attitude, truth or dare?"

"Truth" I said

"Aw come on thats no fun" Liam said

"Nope. Truth or nothing"

"Fine, If you had to kiss with someone in this room, with tongue, who would it be?" Harry said

"Well obviously not Liam, thats just gross, Nialls too innocent. And you and Louis were mean to me today so Zayn." I said

"She has a point" Liam says Plus Zayn is hot I thought to myself.

"Im tired, goodnight" I said before heading to my room instantly falling asleep.

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