We're to Young to Know What Love Is

My name is Maya Eberley well part of me. The other part, well her name is Jet. I live a two different lives. I made Jet so I could be a pop-star and have a normal life. But everything is going down hill when I meat One Direction. Will I give up my secret to be with them or let my secret destory the band and destroy my life.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's P.O.V

"I don't think she likes us." Niall and Louis said together. "......Yeah." Me, Zayn and Liam said together. She walked back in and she looked angry. "So wha-" I started to say. "NO, No, No." She said ran up stairs. "Liam you go talk to her." I said. "Why me she's pissed." Liam said standing up. "Because your the nice one." I said. Liam rolled his eyes and went up stairs.

Maya's P.O.V

 NO,No,No." I said and ran up stairs. I walked in my room and closed the door. I sat down in my chair in my room and looked at my phone. There was so many text for Jet but I didn't won't to answer. There was a knock on the door. "Which one did they send up?" I asked myself. I opened the and Liam was standing there. "What?!" I said rolling my eyes. "Um well can I come in?" He asked looking in my eyes. I was in love with his eyes. "Sure." I said sitting down on my bed. He walked in and closed the door. "Why do you hate us?"He asked sitting down next to me. "I don't hate you guys I just don't love you guys." I said falling back. "You act like you do." He said. "But I don't." I said sitting up and looking into his eyes. "So do you look very pretty." He said leaning in. O.M.G what do I do! I was thinking. "Really you think." I said leaning to him. "Yeah." He said right before we kissed. It got bad fast. We fell back onto my bed. Liam was on top and he was trying to undo my jeans. "Liam stop, Liam, stop, stop." I said trying to push him. He stop when he when I started to push him off. "I'm sorry I didn't mean too." He said get off of me. "Liam it's just I'm not ready to lose." I stopped. "I get it." He said standing up and heading to the door. I grabbed his hand and kissed him. "Wow." We both said.  "You should go back down stairs before the guys come up here." I said . "What do I tell hem?" He asked. "Just tell them I'm mad at Jet and I don't won't to talk. And Jet well be back soon." he nodded and walked out. How the HELL am I going to walk out like me and walk i as Jet. I changed in to a half hot pink and half black dress and some black boots with hot pink on the bottom that stopped right before my knees. I pulled on my black wig that was made to have waves I put in my contacts. "Okay how well I get out?" I asked myself. I looked at my window. "Yes." I said walking to it and opening it I took off my boots and dropped them down then I jumped down. Thank god I didn't break anything. I walked to the front of the house and walked in the front door.

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