We're to Young to Know What Love Is

My name is Maya Eberley well part of me. The other part, well her name is Jet. I live a two different lives. I made Jet so I could be a pop-star and have a normal life. But everything is going down hill when I meat One Direction. Will I give up my secret to be with them or let my secret destory the band and destroy my life.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's P.O.V

"Okay." Zayn said ringing the door bell. "Hello." We all said at the same time. "Hello boys." Siad the guy holding the door "Come in." He said. "I'm James Eberley, Jet's father." He said walking into the kitchen. "Um do you have any other kids?" Liam asked. "Yes the two girls that you saw they are my daughters. The tall one her name is Maya she's Jets twin sister and the little one her name is Lee. Maya was taking Lee to her babysitters house, Maya well be back soon." He said going back in to the living room with pizza. "Who old are they, I mean your daughters?" I asked. "Well Maya and Jet are 19 like you Harry, Lee is twelve."He said. "I'm back when do On-" She stopped. "Maya this is One Direction." Her dad said well she was looking at us. "This is Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis." He said pointing to all of us. "I think she knows who we are." I said looking  her up and down. She rolled her eyes. "Dad can I talk to you." She said closing the door and walking to her father. "Yes." He said walking into the kitchen. "She looks like Jet." Niall said. "Yeah because their twins all she's missing is the black hair and the freckles." Liam said. "Yeah but Jet doesn't have freckles she has blue eyes and Maya has brown how does that work?" I asked. "I don't know because were not identical twins." Maya said coming out of the kitchen and sitting on the couch next to me. "Where is Jet?" I asked looking at Maya. "She's out with her best friend."James said. "I wish." I heard Maya say. A phone began to ring and James went to answer it. "Hello." "Whats wrong?" at this Maya's eyes went big "Oh my god is she okay?" Maya short up "Okay i'll be there soon." He said then he hung up. "What happened?" Maya asked. "Lee she fell down so stairs." He said grabbing some car key and walking to the door. "Do you won't us to leave?" I asked. "No Maya well stay here."He said walking out the door. "What?!" Maya said walking after him. "I don't think she likes us." Niall and Louis said together.

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