We're to Young to Know What Love Is

My name is Maya Eberley well part of me. The other part, well her name is Jet. I live a two different lives. I made Jet so I could be a pop-star and have a normal life. But everything is going down hill when I meat One Direction. Will I give up my secret to be with them or let my secret destory the band and destroy my life.


1. Chapter 1

Maya's P.O.V

"We love you, Jet!" My fans yelled as I finished my last song.

"I love you too!" I said between breaths. I walked off stage and into my dressing room. I pulled off my jet black wig and took out my contacts that made my eyes blue. There was a knock on the door. "Yeah." I yelled changing into a tang-top and some short shorts. "Maya. Jet needs to stay on your meeting One Direction." My dad yelled form behind the door. "Ugh!" I said putting on my blue tang-top with my lather jacket and some ripped jeans and my all black DC high-tops. "Ready." I said opening the door. My dad looked at me. "What?" I said giving him my 'What' face. "Forgetting something." He said pointing to my hair. "Right. " I said turning round and and sitting down to put back in my contacts and putting on my wig. "Lets go." I said closing my dressing room door behind me. "Hi Jet!" I heard my little sister Lee said. "Dad why did you bring her?" I asked so she wonted hear me. "I didn't." He said. "Can you sign this. for my sister." She said handing me her school book. "Sure. What your sisters name?" I asked leaning done and grabbing it. "Lee." She said. I signed "Lee have a great school year! Love Jet." I handed it back to her before my dad pulled my away. "Their waiting!" He yelled pushing me into the car. "Harry Styles house, please." My dad said. I looked at him with wide eyes. "What!" He said pushing my face away. When we got there something popped into my head. "Dad how will Lee get home?" I said looking at him. "I'll go back and take her home. Just go inside they will be waiting." He said pointing to the front door. "Okay see you later." I said walking to it. I Rang the doorbell. The door open so fast.

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