Everything Has Changed.

Haley and Louis were best friends since birth. That is until they turned 18. Haley went away on vacation with her family and when she came back Louis had gone away to audition for the x-factor. Haley moves away to live with her cousin in New York. When she comes back 3 years later for the holidays will she fall for her best friend of 16 years or will everything they had back then be over?
This is just a temporary blurb. It may change some just sayin!!
- Please read. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this story yet, just the idea came into my head and I decided to write it down. Let me know what you think!


2. chapter two.


I met Louis after school at the car and we drove to my house to get ready for graduation. "I'm going to take a shower." I told Louis as we walked into my room and he laid down on my bed. Our families were so used to us being friends they thought nothing of him being in my room on my bed, like they did with other guys. After my shower I wrapped up in my towel and walked into my room to get my white dress and undergarments from my room. Louis went to shower as I changed and blow dried my hair. 

After my hair was completely dry Louis was out of the shower and dressed in his khakis and white button down shirt and tie. I laughed when he walked out. "What?" he asked looking down. "Can you believe this is happening? We are actually graduating." He gave me a little half smile and shook his head. "Not at all." 

I continued to get ready and ended up curling my blonde hair in loose bouncy curls and putting on my makeup lightly, using browns to highlight my green eyes. "Ready?" I asked Louis after slipping on my white high heel shoes. "Yea. How do I look?" he asked standing up and straightening out his outfit. "Extraordinarily handsome, as normal." I smiled at him then looked at him with the same expression he gave me, "What about me?" "Beautiful as always." he smiled then grabbed my garment bag that had my cap and gown in it and we headed to the car.

After graduation Louis's and my family went out for dinner together. It was kind of a daze to me to begin with but in the middle of dinner it hit me. Louis and I would be starting college soon. He would be at some music school and who knows where I would end up. What if this is it for us. 

"Haley. Are you going to Louis's or coming home with us?" my mom asked me after I had zoned out, my brain taking over my body. "Oh, um. I'm not sure. Louis?" I asked looking at my best friend who was in the middle of conversation with his younger sister Lottie. "You can come with us. If you'd like." Louis answered, cutting his conversation with Lottie short. "Okay then, I think we should get going." My mom answered and we all stood up. She gave me one last hug before paying for her meal and leaving. 

I got in the car with Louis and we started going to his house. "Your quiet." He says when we pull up at his house. I nod my head and get out of the car and walk to his room. "Goodnight guys. Love yall!" Miss Johannah yells down the hall. "Goodnight. Love you." We both call back to her. 

When we get in his room I walk over and sit on his bed while he begins changing. "I'm already tired of wearing this." he laughs sliding on a t-shirt and some sweat pants. "Haley, what's wrong?" he asks turning around and walking to sit beside me on the bed. I shake my head but he nudges me and laughs,"Come on Haley, you can tell me anything, I am your best friend afterall." 

"I've just been thinking." I answer standing up to go to my drawer to get some clothes to sleep in. That's right I have a drawer at his house. I practically live here. "About?" he asks. I sign and go back to sit beside him. "Graduating, college, us." "What about us?" 

"You are going to be going to some huge music school. I will probably end up being a designer or something somewhere. What if this is it for us Louis? How can we keep up our friendship living two separate lives?" 

"We will make it work, Haley. What else would we do?" "I don't know. You're going to end up leaving me Louis. I know it. Your wonderful, I'm just holding you back." "You are not holding me back, Haley. Why would you think that. You are my best friend I don't know what I would do without you." "Really?" "Yes. Now go change where we can go to sleep. Its been a long day." 

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