My dream Kidnapper

Sarah Hunt is your average teenage girl.She has long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes,is on the cheer scuad and has every boy drooling over her intell one day she gets Kiddnaped by the person of her dreams


6. You kissed me

  Sarah's POV

   Lipstick on..........Niall well that makes me Happy that it wasent Harry but something about that kiss i felt sparks?No no no no

"Niall umm can i talk to you in private please"i said dragging him with me

"Yes love"he asked

"You kissed me" i said

"H-H-how did you know"he asked

"Lipstick on your lip"i said

"oh im sorry"he said

"No its not that did you feel a spark"i asked

"ya"he said quietly

"me to"i said looking into his ocean blue eyes

"Oh really well in that case do you wanna be my girlfriend"he said with a huge smile on his face

"Let me think about it"i said quickly

"ok,its all up to you"he said

  After we Played 7 minutes in heaven and went swimming and went home i just layed in my bed and thougt.I told Jade about it and she said he was a nice guy so i should just follow my heart and no matter what i choose it will be the right choice.I couldent decide so i decided to sleep on it and when i woke up i knew my Answer for Niall and i hoped it would be the right choice


  Sorry guys this is a short chapter its because im updating a few of my books tonight like Confused,Once upon a song,will love last,love and drama and It all started with a Tweet.You guys should go check them out anyway do you think shes gonna say yes.....or no

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