My dream Kidnapper

Sarah Hunt is your average teenage girl.She has long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes,is on the cheer scuad and has every boy drooling over her intell one day she gets Kiddnaped by the person of her dreams


2. Party

   Sarah's POV

 "Sis,sis,wake up your gonna be late,"my sister Hayley said"5 more minutes Mom"i said stuffing my face in the pillow "Ummmm last time i checked im not your Mom"she said lauging "Good well then if your not my mom go away"i said"Oh just get up you dont wanna be late for Josh's Party"she said"but his party is at like 7:00 o'clock"i said"ya and its 3:00 o'clock and i know how long it takes you to get ready"she said"fine ill get up but you will pay"i said getting up"ok"she said happily skipping out.

   I got out of bed and decided to get a shower.I walked into the bathroom and striped down.I looked at myself in the mirror.I wasent the tipe of person to put myself down i was pretty happy with my looks.I looked at my figure I was in good shape because of cheerleading and i had long bleach blonde hair down to my waist witch i loved but everyone says my eyes are really pretty.After looking at myself for a minute i got in the shower.After my shower i got out dried my hair then i curled it i put on my short hot pink dress with my white heels i put on my makeup and decided to head out.I went to go get my sister and she had her long brown hair up in a messy bu and she had blue skinny jeans with a lime green tanktop saying LOVE on it.She had a little makeup on her brown eyes.If you are wondering why i have Blonde hair and Blue eyes and why she has Brown hairand brown eyes is because she gets her looks from are mom and i get my looks from our dad.

    Once we got to the party Hayley ran away with her Boyfriend and her friends and i went looking for Josh(my boyfriend)But i couldent find him.I decided to give up because i had to use the bathroom.I walked into the bathroom and my eyes popped out of my head there was josh making out with Zoey my bestfriend.

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