My dream Kidnapper

Sarah Hunt is your average teenage girl.She has long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes,is on the cheer scuad and has every boy drooling over her intell one day she gets Kiddnaped by the person of her dreams


5. New Girl/Seven minutes in heven

    Sarah's POV

 I woke up to screaming."Whats going on out there"I yelled"Harry went out and got another girl"Zayn yelled"your joking right"i yelled"no"Niall yelled.I walked out and saw a Beautiful Girl she had her eyes closed but i think that they were Green and she had long red hair.Harry Styles im gonna throu you off a building i swear"i said walking into the kitchen"ok"he said.I dragged the girl in my room and i told her about how she got Kidnaped and How they want her to fall in love with you.She just sat there in shock."OK well i'm Sarah and this is Jade" i said pointing to Jade"Im Vennasa but just call me Nessa"she said"ok"i said."Come on guys we are going on a road trip"Niall yelled"Ok,Nialler"i yelled.

   We got in the car and there were only five seats."Well where are we gonna sit" i asked"On are laps" Niall said pulling me to sit on his lap."sence no one likes Hazza he can drive"Louis said"Fine whatever"he said.Jade was on Louis lap,Zayn was on Liam and sence Nessa was new they let her sit on her own.Once we arrived at the Beach we were going to we all jumped out and got in the water it was fun and then Harry sugests we play seven minutes in heven because they had a beach house.They all made me go in first so i walked in the closet and put on the blindfold.After about a minute i heard the closet door open and then i heard it close and right away i felt a big pair of lips on mine.Me and whoever this was had a mini makeout sesh intell i pulled away."Please tell me who you are"i begged but then the door opened and closed and i walked out.I never would have known who kissed my intell i saw my red lipstick on.......


       Cliffhanger hey guys sorry for the short chapter but my Sister Hayley here is begging me to Update so im Updating anyway hope you like and comment who you think kissed her it could be anyone exept Louis(Thats just a Hint)

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