My dream Kidnapper

Sarah Hunt is your average teenage girl.She has long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes,is on the cheer scuad and has every boy drooling over her intell one day she gets Kiddnaped by the person of her dreams


3. Kidnaped

    Sarah's POV

 Im not the kind of person to get mad about this im just gonna make it fun."Hey Josh do you know where Zoey is"i asked he looked at me then at Zoey then at the gound."Oh hi Zoey do you wanna hang tommorow so we can you know discuss the fact that your makeing out with my boyfriend"i said with a smile on my face"Look Sarah im s..."No Sorrys now we not best friends and we not dating"i said clearly and skipped out.I ran down the road with a few tears spilling my eyes"Damn you tears"i muttered to myself.After that everything went Black.........

     Harry's POV

 Me and Zayn were outside looking for a pretty girl to take because the last one we took fell for Louis not us so we need another one."Do you think Louis and Liam and Niall will be mad that we did this again"Zayn asked"Ya"was all i could say.Finally i saw a Blonde girl in the distance and she was Hot.

    Zayn's POV

 I dident like doing this to Girls but Harry made me come so i sorta had to."Hey Zayn do you like that one over there"he asked pointing to the Blonde girl"I guess so"i said"ok"he said and hit the girl with a frying pan.


    Hey guys sorry for the short chapter anyway love yall:D

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