Searching for Answers

There are so many questions that I have. I want to find out the the answers to them not matter want I have to do to get them.


1. Chapter One

"Run, run Dailynn! Follow your aunt and get as far as you can from here!" my mother shouted as our house was being invaded. 

"No mommy! I don't wont to go!" I pouted while hugging her not wanting let go and lose her. "I don't want to ever lose you mommy." I cried into her shoulder not loosening my grip on the hug. 

"Honey," she said turning my face around to where mine faced hers. "you have to go with your aunt it's the only way you can be safe. And no matter what happens you will never lose me, because I will always be in your heart." 
We could hear the intruders getting close and closer to us. You could hear them busting in doors and checking every room to see if we were there. "You have to go now honey, there's no other choice." my mother said as she picked me up and carried me to the window where my aunt was below. "You know the both your father and I love you to death no matter what. If we didn't think this was best for you we would not be doing this. I want you to be a good little girl and listen to what Aunt Tara tells you to do. Do you understand?" I nodded my head in agreement, not able to get any words from my mouth out. 

My mother hugs and kisses me on the cheek before handing me out the window to my aunt. "Everything will be fine sweetie." my aunt said taking me into her arms and starting to run in the opposite direction of the house. I looked back at the house over my aunts shoulder to see my mother standing in the window. 'I love you' she mouths to me. 'I love you too' I mouthed back in her direction. 

A large boom comes from behind my mother causing her to look back. I did not have to be there to know what the boom was from. The intruders had just busted down the door to the room that my mother was in. Knowing what was to happen I put my face into my aunt's shoulder, unable to watch the site. 

Aunt Tara continued to run away from the house, not stopping for anything. I continued to keep my head in my aunt's shoulder not looking up but once when I heard a boom. Rising up my head to see what it came from, to see the house I had just left explode in flames. I started to cry knowing that my home, my safe place, the house I have grown up in was gone and there was no way to get it back. 

Even though its been ten years since that night, I often relive it in my mind. It was the night I lost everything; my house, my parent, and I lost a little bit of me that night too. I question who I am anymore, what I am to do here on this earth. I am not the same person that I was when I was six. Time has gone by and I have have changed, but one thing has not changed. Like the questions that run through my mind. I plan of finding answers to them; why they attacked, why not come after me, and what I'm to do in this world. I will go to any measure to find the answers, even if it means putting my life in danger. Because I'm Dailynn Sheets and I'm searching for answers. 

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