Falling 4 You

One Day Valerie went to a R5 concert and met Ross, Riker, and Rydel Lynch! and Valerie got all there numbers.


1. meeting the band

Hey Its Valerie! so I LOVE R5! and i got to go to one of their concerts and i got VIP tickets. And the invited me to the Meet and greet. And i kinda bumped into Rydel and we talked for a little bit and we became like best friends. and later we got hang out and meet the band, I think Ross likes me cuz he kept staring at me and laughing at some of my jokes when they werent funny. And by like the end of the night I was sleeping over their house and Rydel and I were talking and she told me she was talking to her brothers and she said Ross and Riker both like me! i was freaking out! cuz Riker doesnt seem like he likes me Then 7 minutes later Riker walks into her room and he was like Hey Valerie I didnt know you were here. Well i have a question for you are busy soon? and i was i dont know. he said cuz i wanna hang out with you soon. If thats ok with you. I was like sure. and he left the room. then i was thinking about Ross cuz I know he really likes me. We just have to see what happens with Ross, Riker, and Me.

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