My love :)

One day I woke up with a text on my phone from..... my love! He wrote a love story. Then one day he got in a plane crash and then............


2. My Final Love Story

Hello my favorirte friends again! Alright so do you want to here my love story? If so, here it goes....

      Hey my name is Miranda *I'm at school* and over there is my crush Austin and on the other side *right next to me* is my other crush Ross! I'm in Language Arts and my teacher has to put us in pairs wih a boy! So I hope I'm in a group with Austin and Ross because theres an odd amount of kids in this class! Okay now the only people left to be parteners were me, Valerie, Austin, Ross, and Rocky! OMG my dream just came true! Valerie and Rocky are parteners and that means I'm parteners with Austin and Ross! The teacher calls Ross and Austin to talk to them I guess but I can't understand anything she is saying because she is mumbling! Then once she is done talking to them they sit back at there seat and then she calls me up and talks to me!

Teacher: Hello Miranda

Me: Hi!

Teacher: Would you mind working on the letter project with Ross and Austin?

Me: Thats fine I guess!

*phone rings*

Teacher: Go start working and if you have any questions come and ask me!

*I walk away*

I go up to Austin and I say are you ready to work? He said yes. So he got up and then I asked Ross and he said yes! So we went outside in the hall to work!

"I have to go the bathroom! I'll be right back!"

"Okay" Austin and I both said!

Once Ross stepped into the bathroom Austin asked me out! I was like of course! Then two minutes before Ross came back Austin told me to look at him and I did! He kissed me! I was so thrilled! Then I asked Austin if he was all into this kissing stuff and he say ohhh yeahhh! I was kinda scared because I didnt know anything! This was my first boyfriend in 7th grade and my first kiss! Then Austin was leaving early so then I was working with Ross! I decided that Ross can work with Valerie and Rocky! So I told the teacher that Ross was playing around and not working! So then she moved she moved Ross to Valerie and Rocky's group! So for today I was working all alone! :( 

*I hope tomorrow comes really quick*





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