My love :)

One day I woke up with a text on my phone from..... my love! He wrote a love story. Then one day he got in a plane crash and then............


1. Me and Ummm Me

Oh hey I didn't see you there! Is that a new haircut? Looking good! :) Just kidding! Well if you didnt know my name is Miranda. Right now I will tell you a few things about me! Okay so my name is Miranda, I live in London with my friend Valerie, I'm only in 7th grade, I like magic, I love this one boy, and his name is Austin, I also like this boy name Ross and he's in a band but i like Austin more! Now lets move on from me and go to you! Whats your name? What grade? Hobby? Crush? Okay now lets start! Alright so wanna see a magic trick? *your supposed say yes* Okay turn around and hold a *Valerie nudges me on the shoulder and tells me to move on to my love story* Okay lets finish up that magic trick with a thank you very much! Now wanna hear my love story? Alright I will tell you, I'm just so nice!! :)

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