That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


17. Whatever

-----1 month later----1 week to Avery's departure----Back in CALI---


Avery had grown this past month with Niall.  They were inseparable. After everything they'd been through this summer it only seemed natural to love each other.  Louis was still in his coma, but they saw him everyday.  Dani was coming out of her depression.  She was designing a clothing line for the fall and winter.  Perrie and Zayn were engaged and Liam was a single pringle.  Harry had a girlfriend named Beth.  She was nice, and Harry seemed to like her. (Making out in public)  The hate had stopped after Niall announced he loved Avery and there was nothing any of them could do to make that change.  Everything was perfect, right?  Wrong.  


Avery was leaving in exactly a week....7 days!  She already was upset and wished summer lasted longer.  Niall and her had spent the past month together every living second.  She wanted to stay, so when she was alone she dialed up her mom.  


"Mom, I'm really nervous so I am just going to come out and say it.  Can I stay here for maybe another year with dad,?" Avery asked hopefully.  She crossed her fingers under the table and bit her lip tightly.  


"Honey.  You've got it bad don't you," she laughed.  Avery let her mouth drop open.  Did she really not believe her own daughter?


"MOM, I am in l-o-v-e, love with Niall," Avery said angrily. 


"I'm not gonna let you waste your life on some summer romance.  You are coming home baby.  I'm sorry if you are now going to hate me forever but o well.  This boy was just trying to have some fun over the summer with another girl,"lectured Avery's mom.  


"Seriously,?" questioned Avery.  


"You will come home even if I have to fly down to California and pick you up myself," retorted her mother.  Avery hung up her brand new IPhone C Niall had bought for her.  It was white with a blue cover.  Her mother didn't call back so she didn't worry to much.  Maybe Niall could move down there for a bit and get to know Avery's mom.  Then she would see how much of a gentleman he was and let her come back.  She nodded reassuring herself.  


"Avery," yelled Dani from downstairs.  Being back in California was great.  Last week Niall and Avery had learned to surf.  It was an experience she would never forget.  It was like the perfect love story. She was supposed to meet him at a fancy restaurant in 3 hours for dinner.  So she bounded down the steps and gave Dani a huge hug.     


"How's Louis,?" Avery asked seriously.  He was still in a coma but had been making little progress.  They always hoped for the best, but never got any amazing news.  Dani usually went to see him.  She just sat there holding his hand talking to him.  


"The same, I think his fingers twitched though," Dani said quietly.  Dani was writing a novel at the moment of her life.  It was the perfect love story until the boyfriend gets into a coma.  She awaits for him to wake up every moment, but he never does.  She is still writing, but Aver had already proofread the first chapters.  Including the summary.  It was the perfect autumn book.  The girl drank coffee and watched reruns of Nicholas Sparks movies through the whole book.  It was placed in the fall and she went for walks describing all the details of the forest.  Dani relied on this book and fashion to be stable.  Otherwise she would probably be a wreck.  


Avery and Dani spent almost 3 hours laughing at youtubers until she remembered the date.  Not wanting to hurt Dani's feelings she promised the could have a "slumber party" when she returned.  Skipping up the stairs she entered her room happily.  A dress had been delivered to her that morning from Niall.  It was gorgeous.  Long-sleeved with Aztec print and high to low back.  She slid it on along with some pale heels.  Curling the ends of her hair she hurriedly whipped on some make-up.  Mascara, foundation, eye shadow, blush.  


"Bye Chikld," she yelled leaving the house.  Chikld was a nickname Dani had given the two of them over the summer.  It involved looking up yogurt and getting a picture of a child with yogurt on his head.  You had to be there.  


"Ready Ms.Avery," asked the driver from the gate.  She nodded in excitement and got into the car.  They rode in silence except for the music.  She sang along to Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  It amused her. They eventually pulled up to the most exquisite looking place Avery had ever seen.  The name was in French and looked unpronounceable.  She was walked in by a waiter named Jonathan.  He was nice and pointed to Niall.  Niall was staring at the menu his eyebrows together.  She sat down and placed her bag on the ground.  


"Hey doll," Niall said standing and kissing her on the cheek.  She blushed and started looking at the food.  Everyone else in the restaurant looked very high class.  Jonathan came by and asked for our orders.  


"Lobster," Niall said plainly, knowing very well it came with potatoes, bread, and vegetables.  


"I will have Seafood Pasta," Avery said sweetly handing him her menu. She sipped her cherry lemonade looking around.  Niall was talking about the tour that has to be canceled next summer because of Louis coma.  


"Here is your food,"said Jonathan.  He gently set down the lobster on Niall's side but accidentally dripped some pasta sauce on Avery's lap.  She jumped up sending her chair flying behind her.  


"Watch it," said Niall shoving past Jonathan to me.  He looked at the stain and back at Jonathan.  "Be more careful next time if you want a tip."


"It's fine," Avery said pulling her chair back up.  Jonathan muttered something inaudible to Niall.


"Excuse me,?" asked Niall angrily.  


"I said whatever," answered Jonathan.  Niall shoved his hands into Jonathan's shoulders.  Avery's heart was racing she stood up trying to get in between them.  This had happened before with Blaine.  Jonathan retorted back by pushing again.  Skip to the bad part, there was a fist fight and now Niall and Avery were sitting on the corner on the street.  Avery was pacing in front of a bruised and bloody Niall.  She looked incredibly angry. 


"What am I supposed to do with you,?" asked Avery anger exploding in her words.  


"It's not my fault," retorted Niall.  He was holding a bag of ice to his swollen lip and head.  


"Yes, it is," shouted Avery.  


"Will you calm down?  People are staring."  It's true people were staring but Avery didn't care.  


"I can take care of myself and the stain is removable," she said.  Her heels had come off and were now clutched in her hand with her handbag.  


"You can take care of yourself,?" asked Niall a little hurt.  


"Yes I can a matter-o-factly," responded Avery.


"Then you obviously don't need me.  If I am just a waste of space after all?  You made me feel so special Avery.  You were different," shouted Niall standing up.  Tears brimmed both of there eyes.  Maybe they hadn't fallen in love, just the idea of being in love.


//AUTHORS NOTE//  Sorry for like the one month wait.  There's another cliff-hanger for you.  You also got a sneak peak of one of my other books.  I hope you enjoy, thanks for the likes and reads, it means more than you think:)          

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