That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


4. The Vow

It seemed like everything started going into slow motion.  Dani was speechless and collapsed into his open arms.  Liam and Harry both started freaking out while Zayn started pacing backstage.  Niall fell to the ground.  But the worst, had to be the fans.  A few of them started screaming and yelling.  Almost all of them were crying.  Avery couldn't hear anything all she could see were a bunch of open mouths no sound was coming out.  Louis was holding Dani and whispering into her ear.  The curtains swung closed and everyone backstage ran towards Louis.  Even Avery.  Dani was crying into his shoulder.  The boys, Avery, and Dani were all escorted to the limo.  They sat in silence when the got home the all just sat in the living room staring into space.  Dani had to go home around 11:00, but she promised Louis she would be back the next morning.  


"Wheres the cancer,?" asked Liam right after Dani left.  


"In my lungs," said Louis.  


"What do we do," asked Harry, his eyes were puffy and red.  He sat next to Zayn who had his eyes clamped shut.  


"Well, I can get it removed," said Louis looking at each of them for a few seconds.


"Yeah, whens the surgery?," asked Niall.  He was standing the corner leaning against a cabinet.  

"Next week," said Louis nodding now.  


"Im really sorry this happened," Avery said feeling she should say something.  Louis got choked up and just nodded again.  


They all just sat there, then Louis got up.  They listened to his footsteps and the echo of the door being slammed.  One by one each of them left.  Avery left after Harry and before Liam.  He was the last one left,  just sitting there with his head in his hands.  Avery looked at him from the top step he was shaking.  She was really sad even though she had just met these boys.  Avery crawled into her short black sofie shorts.  She slid a big plain bright green t-shirt.


For a while she just sat there with the lights off staring at the ceiling.  She realized that dinner had been forgotten through all the chaos.  She threw the thick layer of blankets off of her and slipped out of the room.  The rest of the house was silent.  She had failed to see her father all day long, he leaves early and comes home late.  She went down the steps and walked into the kitchen.  She collided with another body and fell flat on her butt.  


"Sorry love," came Nialls voice.  He pulled her up, and looked around.  Avery tried to ignore the fact he called her 'love'.   Just like she tried to ignore the fact that he was now staring at her.  


"Cant sleep," she asked walking past Niall to the fridge.  Her bare feet slapped the tile ground, but it was quiet enough that nobody else would wake up.  


"Nobody can...except Zayn,"  said Niall sitting down at the bar letting out a yawn.  


Avery grabbed the Orange Juice, and leftover pizza.  "Want some," she asked pouring two glasses of OJ.  She already knew the answer.  She walked over to the couch and put the glasses down.  Niall grabbed the pizza and sat next to her.  He smelled really good, she just now noticed.   He also looked amazing, he had on long pajama pants, and another plain white shirt.  His hair was tousled, and so was hers.  She ate 2 pieces before Niall could devour the whole meal.  She leaned back and closed her eyes, sipping her OJ every few seconds.  


"Are you having a good time," asked Niall putting his feet on the table.  


"Well yeah, but the news just shook me up, " she said pulling her feet into her chest.  


"I still cant believe it," he said standing up walking to the big screen TV.  


"What are you doing," asked Avery. 


"I am going to watch a movie," he said.  Pulling out a large box.  He sat it in between them and they looked through the box together.  They both reached for "The Vow" at the same time.  His hand landed on top of hers and he didn't move it.  Her heart beat quickened and her voice got stuck in her throat.  


"The vow,?" he asked.  


"Yeah," she stumbled pulling her hand out.  He lifted up the movie and walked to the TV sliding it in.  Avery put the box on the floor and waited for the opening.  Niall grabbed a blanket and sat back down next to her.  He threw the blanket over both of them, and leaned back.  The movie started and Hillary put her feet on the left side of her leaning onto he shoulder.  She hadn't even meant to, but he didn't seem to mind.  He lifted his arm and put it on hers.  He leaned on the side of the couch, and pulled her up.  She didnt even glance at the movie.  She could feel his heart beat, and it was quicker than hers.  She was laying on his legs, and her head was on his chest.  She tore her gaze away from his muscular arms and looked at the movie.  She almost jumped when he started playing with her hair.  


"Oh I love this part," he said.  Her eyes started getting heavy and she fell asleep.  




"Woah," came Zayns voice.  Avery lazily opened her eyes.  She was laying on Niall who was still asleep.  The movie was playing still probably for the 4th or 5th time.  She honestly would like to never get up, but sadly that was impossible.  Niall was really warm, it was comforting.  


"Niall," she said not lifting her head yet.  He turned in his sleep and she poked him in his stomach.  


"Hmmm," he muttered.  His eyes opened and he looked down at her.  


"Did you guys enjoy you sleep," asked Harry angrily.  


Avery sat up and so did Niall.  Avery tried her hardest not to smile, but couldnt keep it from escaping.    


"Breakfast is ready,"  said Liam from the stove behind them.  


"Wheres Louis," asked Niall sleepily.  


"Dani called last night, he went over there," explained Liam.  


Avery got up and sat down next to Harry at the bar.  "Better pajamas," she asked Liam remembering there little tiff yesterday.  


"Much," he said putting a plate of pancakes in front of her.  She ate slowly avoiding Harrys gaze at all cost.  It seemed that he liked her, but she just thought she like Niall a little more.  That was a lie.  She was completely head over heels for him, the way he had played with her hair.  The way he smelled.  And his smile was just like lightning.  Plus there was the fact that he was sweet, talented, and had an accent.  Irresistible. 


"Whats the plan for today boys," asked Zayn cutting his pancakes into large pieces.  


"Nothing, we have the day off,"  said Louis walking in the room with Dani hanging onto his shoulder.  Everyone practically just stopped what they were doing and stared at him.  Harry got up and hugged him patting him on the back.  


"Im not dead, so why dont we go to the water park today," he asked smiling.  Dani was looking at him with tears in her eyes, she was going through some serious shock.  


"Uhhh, what about the fans," Zayn asked.  They all knew the local water park was a summer hotspot, but Louis had a surprise.


"I rented it," said Louis.  


"You rented the whole waterpark," Avery said stunned.  


"Yes, except for the life guards...someone cant swim," said Louis looking at Zayn.  


"Are Perrie and Danielle invited," asked Liam.


"Yeah, so are you Avery," said Louis.  


"Well then who should I bring,?" asked Harry loudly.  


"You could invite a fan," suggested Niall.  


"Yeah, okay," said Harry walking out of the kitchen. We all followed him and he opened the front door.  Fans had there faces plastered at the front gates.  He walked as close as he dared and smiled at them.  There was an uproar of people trying to reach through the bars to him.  "Who wants to go to the waterpark," asked Harry loudly.  


"Me me me," they all shouted.  Harry turned around and looked at the rest of the group. 


"I have someone you can take," said Dani quietly.  


"Good idea," said Harry heading back into the door.  When they were all finally back in the kitchen Dani opened her phone.  

"So plenty of fans have given me there phone numbers, I just add them in.  Look, theres a girl named Jessie, who looks nice," Dani said shoving her phone in Harry's face.  Jessie had blonde hair with pink highlights.  Her eyes were wide and she was super pale.


"Id rather just share Avery with Niall," he said with distaste in his mouse.  Avery would have disagreed, but she didnt mind being shared.  


"Ok, everybody go change and meet back here in under 15 minutes," said Louis.  Avery and Dani walked up to Averys room.  


"So, Harry looked pretty upset when we first got here," said Dani looking at the swimsuits Avery had.  


"Yeah, last night me and Niall fell asleep on the couch," said Avery yawning.  She threw her brown hair up into a high pony tail.  She grabbed her usual bright blue strapless bikini.


"What," Dani exclaimed.  


"Nothing happened,"  said Avery walking into the bathroom.  She took off her shirt and smelled it, it smelled just like Niall 


"You watched a The Vow, a romantic movie," said Dani to her through the bathroom door.  Avery pulled on her bathing suit and ignored Dani's accusations.  She walked out and looked at Dani.  She had pulled on a flowery biking, it suited her.  


"Your so tan," Dani said comparing there arms.  They pulled on cover-ups and slid on some flip flops. They walked down the steps, and they boys were waiting.  


"Ready," asked Louis pulling Dani into a hug.  The group walked outside where some security guards waited.  They held back the crowd while they climbed into a big van.  Perrie and Danielle sat in 2 of the seats waiting for there boyfriends.  Liam and Zayn sat next to them discussing Louis sickness.  Niall, Harry, and Avery sat in the middle row, Avery in the middle.  Louis and Dani sat in the front, Louis was driving.  


"Im Perrie, and thats Danielle," said Perrie in the back seat.  


"Im Avery," she said confidently.  The 2 girls smiled, and talked to each other about bikinis.  


"Last night was fun,"Niall said to her.  She smiled and nodded to him.  Harry looked suspiciously at the 2 of them.  He was interrupted when the car stopped.  


"We are here," announced Dani.  They all piled out of the car and walked to the entrance.  The water park was silent besides the rush of the water.  


Dani and Louis rushed off to the Tunnel Of Love.  Perrie and Zayn headed towards the 4 feet deep Lazy river.  Danielle and Liam went into the wave pool.  Niall, Harry, and Avery headed up the stairs to water slides.  The skipped up the steps and got to the top.  The first ride was a one person and Niall went first.  It was a tunnel that made sharp turns and went almost straight down.  He jumped in and the life guard pushed the buzzer.  His boyish scream echoed out of the slide.  Harry and Avery were dying with laughter.  They looked over the railing where Niall came out.


"Come on," he screamed up to them.  Harry went next and his screams were high pitched.  Avery jumped in her tube and nodded when the life guard asked her if she was ready.  Her heart flew into her throat and a squeal escaped her mouth.  She went from turn to turn and eventually flew out the end.  Harry and Niall splashed her repeatedly when she got out.


"Lets go on a 3 person," said Harry jumping out of the water.  He led them to more stairs and the climbed up.  The lifeguards nodded and settled them all in a big raft .  Avery sat in the middle of the 2.  The raft was attached to the ground and you had to wear a seatbelt.  This was a pretty extreme water park.   


"Ready, go," said Niall.  The life guard let the go and the plummeted straight down.  This time they all screamed at the same time.  It echoed throughout the water park making the other 3 couples laugh.  They splashed out of the tube into the big pool.  The life guard at the bottom unstrapped them and let them go.  


"Well that was interesting,"said Avery.


"Harryyy, come on lets go on the Twister.  Dani's to afraid, she said if we both come out alive she'll go on," said Louis.  Harry walked quickly over to Louis and they climbed the highest steps in the whole park.  


"Do you want to go on the Lazy river, or something else,?" asked Niall.  He was soaking wet, and his blue shorts made him look tanner than ever.  


"We can do whatever," said Avery.  


"Wave pool," he said.  Together they walked over to the wave pool and dove in the water.  It was cooler than the other pools, and the waves were huge.  They stopped about 4 feet into it though and let the waves carry them.  


"So, about last night," started Niall.


'This was the part' thought Avery where he says he never meant to lead me on.  He just didn't want to hurt me or something lame like that.  She should have known better.  


"I had a lot of fun," he said smiling at her.  She looked at him to make sure he wasnt being sarcastic.  He looked as serious as Niall could look serious.  


"Me to," said Avery calmly.  She was letting her legs drift in front of her.  Niall pulled her arm and her heart did the same thing.  It started beating fast, really fast.  


"I was wondering if I could call you mine," he said making Avery's eyes go wide.  She swallowed and looked into his eyes.  


"Yes," said Avery grinning.  Niall pulled her into a hug and threw her into deeper water.  She let herself hit the water, and sink to the bottom.  He had thrown her into the 6 feet zone.  She swam towards him and popped up right in front of his face.  


"Hey there," he said smiling.  Suddenly his face got very serious.  


"What is it,?" asked Avery.


"I promise that I wont break your heart like any other guy.  I promise that I will not look at other girls the way I look at you. And most importantly I promise I will always love you," he said kissing her lightly on the lips.  Avery could tell she was blushing the deepest red ever invented.  Niall Horan a famous celebrity loved her?!?  Best Summer Ever.  




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