That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


2. The Boys

Avery walks into the kitchen the next morning still in her spider-man pajamas.  Her hair was in a messy bun and she had no make up on.  Last night she had gone to bed early and only talked to Niall.  She walks into the kitchen and feels like shes intruding.  Niall's sitting at a bar stool eating out of a particularly large bowl.  2 other boys are wrestling over something and 2 more and discussing something at the table.  When she walks in everything stops and all eyes turn to her.  


"Is' Christmas already," says one sitting down.  


"Hey Avery," says Niall going back to eating.


"How do you know her,?" says another.


"I picked her up from the airport yesterday for Max," says Niall a hint of annoyance in his voice.  


Everyone but Niall over to her.


"Im Zayn," says a dark haired boy extending his hand. She shakes it and smiles.


"Harry," says another.


"Liam," says another nodding his head.


"Louis be me," says another raising one eyebrow.  


"Im Avery," she says awkwardly.  


"Would you like some breakfast,?" asks the one named Liam.  


"Yeah," Avery says nodding.


"Ill cook," says Harry moving towards the stove.  


"You guys, id rather just eat cereal out of the box or something," she says.


"Nahh," says Zayn. "Go sit by Niall."


"But be warned, you may loose a finger in you get to close to his bowl," says Louis quietly.


"Heard it," mutters Niall.


Avery sits next to Niall with her hands folded in her lap.  Harry cooks eggs and sausage while humming slightly.  Zayn and Liam sit next to Avery and start arguing about something.  Louis remains standing with a blank expression on his face.  The doorbell suddenly rings and Louis sprints out of the room.  


Harry gives her a plate full of sausage and eggs.  Niall stares at her plate out of the corner of her eye.  He finished his bowl of cereal seconds before.  "We can share," says Avery putting in the middle of them.  Louis comes back into the room followed by a girl.  


"Ahhhh," she screams and runs towards Avery.  Hugging her tightly she continues screaming.  She looks at the others who are all smiling.  "Oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself.  Dani,  at your service."


"Im Avery," she said for the 3rd time in 2 days.  


"Well duh!," says Dani.  "Im Louis girlfriend."


"What are you wearing,?" asks Liam suddenly. 


"Pajamas," Avery says.  


"With Spider-man on them?" he asks almost astounded.  


"Is that illegal or something," she asks looking at the others.  


"What do you have against batman,?" He asks angrily.  


"Nothing,"says Avery more than confused.


"How about we go upstairs and get ready for the day,?" interrupts Dani.


"I haven't--" She stops looking at her empty breakfast plate.  "Niall,  did you save any for me,?" she asks.


"Well, I thought that you wouldn't mind," he says bashfully.  She walks past him hitting him playfully on the shoulder.  She grab an apple on the way out, knowing Dani will follow her.  "She wants me," says Harry once he thinks the girls are out of earshot.  They start arguing, but get drowned out by Dani's talking.  


"Are you and Niall an item," she asks bouncing up the steps.


"Um, I met him less than 24 hours ago," she says rolling her eyes.


"Yall would be so cayute together, we could go on double dates and everything," she says getting overly excited.


"Yeah, except for that ill be here for 3 months," Avery says already scared of the end.  


"Moving on," she says walking into my room, "we need to get you perked up for tonight."


"Tonight," she asks biting into apple.


"They have a concert, and you are totally coming," Dani says ruffling through my clothes.  "First were shopping," she says.  Pulling out item after item she finally decides on a on a gray tank top with an aztec print pocket and jean shorts."Cayute," she says after I finish changing in the closet. Avery grabbed her black flip-flops and shoved her phone in her back pocket.  Her dad had assured her he would pay for anything and everything she needed, so she didn't worry about that.  They walked downstairs where the boys sat.  


"Hey babe," said Louis giving Dani a peck on the lips.  She smiled biting her bottom lip.


"We are going shopping," she said smiling lazily at him.


"Be home by 3:00, thats what time the limo leaves for the concert," said Louis.  


"We will," she said hugging him.  


Avery looked around the room and Harry was already staring.  She averted her gaze to Niall.  He smiled at her and she walked over to him.


"Did my dad say anything about money," she said hopefully.  


"Oh yeah," he said pulling his wallet out.  He handed her a silver card, with her name printed into the card. She took it and put it in her pocket with her phone.  "Are you coming to the concert tonight,?" he asked.


"Yeah, why?" she asked.


"It was just out of curiosity," he said leaning back and forth.  


"Lets go girly," said Dani rushing out the front door.  Avery followed Dani outside where a blue Mercedes was waiting.  "Louis letting us borrow it."


Avery got into the car and Dani cranked up the radio.  She reapplied lip gloss and smiled at herself in the mirror.  "I can tell we are gonna be best friends," said Dani slamming on the gas.  



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