That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


19. Summertime Sadness

Avery was completely absolutely heartbroken. The words to describe this were floating through her head: betrayal, anger, sadness.  It was lunchtime and she hadn't even moved, but she was hungry and couldn't avoid it any longer.  She got reluctantly got out of bed and walked down stairs.  Still in her pajama's she entered the kitchen.  Niall sat at the counter but when Avery walked in he pushed past her to leave. She sat in his old seat and looked at the others, they all stared back at her.   Zayn gave her some toast, which she picked at.  Only 6 more days till she left.  Was she counting down the days happily, or with sadness?


"Avery, are you ok?" Dani whispered to her.  Avery shook her head and stood up quickly.  Harry stepped in front of her pulling her into a tight hug but she didn't hug back.  Harry let go and looked into her eyes.  Hers were filled with tears.  She walked past and grabbed her phone off of the counter.  Dialing her mom's phone number she started the climb all the way to the attic.  Her mom answered on the first ring, she heard music in the back ground.  


"Hey honey, what's up?" her mom asked.  She was probably visiting her boyfriend Toby at the music store.  Toby was young just like her mom, he worked at a music store that sold guitars and whatnot.   


"Me and Niall broke up.  I want to come home," Avery cried into the phone.  She didn't try to be strong for her mom, she just broke.  


"Oh baby, can't you hold out for a few more days?" asked her mom.  The music disappeared, she had probably stepped outside.  


"Mom.  He broke my heart, I can't even look at him without crying," Avery said, she was at the boys door and tried to keep quiet.  Opening the door she kept waiting for her mom's reply.  


"I know, it hurts," her mom said thickly.  


"I just wanna come home, I don't want to stay here," Avery said once she reached the attic door.  

"I'll see if I can find a flight," her mom said after a few seconds.  She could hear her mom's fingers tapping on the phone keyboard.  


"Anything,?" Avery asked sadly sitting on an old stool in the attic.  She pulled an old photo album out.  It was of her parents wedding day.  Her mom's face was so full bright and happy. Look at them now. Avery stared down at them.


"There is a flight in 3 hours" her mom said distantly.  Avery threw the book back in the box.  Screw love, she just wanted to come home.  


"I'll see you later," Avery said hanging up and walking back downstairs.  She stopped in front of the boys door, she could hear someone on the phone and pacing.  She pressed her ear to the door trying to eavesdrop.  The door flung open and a fuming Niall stood shirtless in the door way.  Like Avery said on the phone, she started tearing up.  Niall's face softened, he reached a hand forward.  Avery turned and fled down the stairs.  She swirled around and looked at his heartbroken face.  


"It hurts, doesn't it?  I'm leaving in 3 hours, just thought you should know," she said to him.  Nialls mouth dropped open in pure disbelief.  


Avery went into her room and threw clothes and memories into her bag.  The seashells Niall had dove in the ocean for to get her, the necklace he gave to her on the picnic was still around her neck.  She ripped it off and held it with rage in her hand.  She stormed down the steps carrying her bag.  The others stood huddled at the end of the stairs.  Shoving her hand into Nialls she gave him the necklace. She didn't look back when she walked out the door.  She could add them in a group message and apologize for abrupt departure.  Everyone but Niall of course.  And Louis.  The taxi she called waited at the gates.  She pushed past fans and clambered into the cab.  They drove in silence to the airport and she gave the man her money.  Even though she had one hour left she didn't want to spent it at that house.  It was around 6:30 now and she hadn't really eaten that much so she walked into a Cane's.  Buying her usual meal she sat at a singles table.  Single...going to have to get used to that.  She looked at happy couples all around her, envying there luckiness.  


"Are you done Miss," asked a waiter.  She realized her flight was leaving soon and hurried her stuff together.  This was the emotional part, where she had to leave without saying goodbye.  


"Your ticket please," a lady asked.  Handing over her phone the lady verified it was paid for and she walked outside.  It was a small plane so she had do walk across a landing dock.  Droplets of rain started falling on her, so she was running dangerously across the runway.  10 yards.  6 yards.  BAM!  She slammed into something halfway there.  Falling to the ground everything tilted to the left, she winced a major migraine on the way.  


"Avery," asked Niall through the heavy rain.  This had to be a dream.  He couldn't be here now!


"Niall," Avery said with bewilderment.  She pushed herself up with help from Niall.  She started stomping away, but Niall pulled her by the wrist twirling her around.  Slamming their bodies together he kissed her madly.  His hands wrapped around her neck and her legs around his waist.  The Notebook, of course.  It was her whole life story.  Them he pulled back and looked into her eyes.  He was crying to.  


"Always," he whispered setting her down.  She grabbed her bags and kept walking.  It was a goodbye kiss.  He would always love her, she would always love him, but it could never be like it was.  The necklace with a crown and fork layed on her chest he had tied it when they were kissing.  She bit her lip crying.  Her heart was telling her run after him, have a fairytale.  Her brain was telling her keep walking, be strong, you don't need a man.  


And so Avery Hinningsway got into that plane and she flew all the way to Kentucky.  Not giving another second to waste her time on foolish boys.  She vowed to never leave the necklace and always wear it though.


Until something happened...something wild....


AUTHORS NOTE//////////////////////// Hey y'all!  This is sadly the end of That One Summer, look for my next book in November titled "Nobody Compares".  Fan me and leave a comment if you want to co-author the book! Thanks for all the support, I might make an epilouge, so don't unfavourite!  Kisses- Avery H      




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