That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


18. Ruler

Avery stood stunned barefoot in the middle of the street.  Her dress was covered in sauce and her hair messed up from the wind.  Her heels had given her blisters.  Now her boyfriend Niall had just practically taken her heart and snapped it in half.  Leaving bits and pieces of her strewn across the street, heartbroken.  She wasn't upset yet, she was absolutely angry.  


"Excuse me?" shouted Avery at him.  She took a step forward trying to catch his attention.  His eyes were scanning everywhere except for her.  


"Please, can we take this somewhere else?" he asked silently.  She followed him into an alley where dumpsters were lined up trash littered the ground.  He started pacing running his hands wildly through his hair.  Was this actually happening?


"Were you even in love with me?  Did you ever think even for a second that you loved me?" Niall said throwing his hands up in the air. 


"I loved you with every piece of my body," Avery said.  Words escaped her brain, she couldn't even describe how much she loved Niall.


"All I ever wanted to do was protect you," he yelled.  Niall came towards her pushing her on the wall as Blaine had in jail.  It was slimy and cold she hand brushed against the rough concrete.    He put his head in the crook of her neck.  


"Niall, I love you.  Please," she said trying to hug him.  He looked up into her eyes.  For a moment their eyes debated.  Niall hung his head pushing his hair into her neck.  She kissed his head, and cried into his shoulder.  


"Do you,?" he asked seriously.  "Honestly, do you love me?"


"I do," Avery said wiping the few tears on his face.  


"How come I don't believe you,?" he screamed.  It scared Avery she pushed herself back into the wall.  Niall would never hurt her, never.  


"I'm sorry," Avery said silently, shrinking behind the shadows of the tall buildings.  What was happening to them?  


"No, I can't do this," he said in a monotone.  His blue eyes shone brightly in the light.  Having not shaved in a few days he looked slightly gruff.  His blonde hair was wild blowing a little in the distant wind.  


"What,?" bewildered and torn asked Avery.  She grabbed his hand.  He squeezed not letting their eyes part though.  He leaned forward kissing her deeply. Her back was pressed against the wall, her hands draped around his neck.  Then he pushed back, pulling apart the two.  


"Goodbye Avery," and with that he was gone.  


AUTHORS NOTE//  Open a new tab.  Do it now.  If you go on reading this chapter is will have a slightly less emotional value.  Go to your regular search station, type in youtube.  Key in the words W-r-e-c-k-i-n-g B-a-l-l.  Press play and continue reading.  I hope I have genuinely blown your mind with my creative intelligence.  


Leaving her alone in the cold alleyway, she sunk to her feet.

Curling into a ball she cried into her knee's.

Her mouth hung open in a silent scream.  He was gone and by the looks of it had no intention of coming back.

Love isn't a matter to be taken into childish hands. Love is real life, it can destroy you as it destroyed Avery.

She relied on love for happiness.  Now that she had no love, she had no happiness.

She slammed her fists into the wall, crying in pain.  Nothing hurt more than this though.

She walked down the alley into the streets.  Lights shined down on her tear-stained face but she held her head up.  People stared as she walked past.  She spun in a circle looking for any sign of Niall................................................but he was really gone.

She paused looking around at everyone, then she just screamed.

She turned and took off running down the street.  Stopping she realized she was lost she sat down and cried loudly.  A car pulled up and rolled down the window but she was already up and running again.

Running blindly down the streets.  That's how Niall left her blind, with no where to go.  But she didn't leave him, he left her, all alone.  With nobody.  She just wanted to be happy, as did he.

Coming around the corner to her house fans bombarded her but she started the back way. Climbing up the huge fence and landing on her feet.  She slowly walked into the house.

Nobody was in the front hall so she walked into the kitchen.  Everyone was surrounding the table watching a movie.  She turned on the lights giving her the attention of the room.  Dani stood up and walked towards her but she turned around.  Starting up the steps she heard silent whispers behind her.

But a body ran into her on the way up, it was Niall.  She looked up at him.  Her sadness had gone, replaced by grueling anger.  She flat out slapped him, he cursed under his breath and Avery walked into her room.  

She crawled underneath her silk blankets and stared up at the ceiling.  She screamed loudly the house was silent.  Then she heard screaming down stairs but she didn't move.  She just sat there crying into her pillow, curled into a warm ball.  Niall hurt her more than anyone had ever hurt her. Maybe her mom was right, she should have never gotten into this relationship.  But the truth was she had no regrets.  Niall was her first love, she hoped she was his as well.  They said it would be the worst, losing your first love.  They were right, because she cried herself to sleep.               


  "All you ever did was wreck me...."



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