That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


7. Louis Surgery

"You guys we have to leave leave leave," said Louis.  The concert 5 days ago had gone great.  Avery and Niall watched another movie together and fell asleep on the couch in the boys room.  The last week had been a dream 3 concerts in 5 days.  Two dates with Niall,  they had both been at the hotel, but he promised he would take her on a real one soon.  


But today was a very important day.  It was Louis surgery date.  They all had to go to the hospital and be there for him.  In the past few days fans had started crying and crying.  They all wished him luck on his surgery though.  He was pacing by the doory dressed in his pajamas.  Dani was sitting in a chair by the door.  They were all waiting on Harry and Zayn.  Harry was pulling a shirt on and Zayn was combing his hair.  They were all wearing casual clothes though, since they would probably be there all day.  


"Ready," said Zayn.  We all walked out of the door many of us carrying things to do in our arms.  Avery had a book and her Iphone with earphones.  Zayn, Liam, and Harry just had there phones with earphones to.  Niall had a bag of chips, and some pens and paper.  Dani was holding a jumbo chocolate mocha, and her laptop.  Louis was holding a big stuffed animal a fan gave him.  We all walked in silence.  Dani had called ahead 2 taxi's, management wasn't supplying them with much.  The usual security guards waited at the front.  They went out in groups of 4,  Dani, Louis, Harry, and Liam in the first car.  The others waited for the guards to return.  The other 3 headed out, waving to the fans.  They got into the backseat of the car.  Niall told the driver the address and they were off.  


"Im so nervous," said Zayn.  His foot was tapping rapidly on the floorboard.  


"Me to mate," said Niall.  He put his hand on Zayn's back and patted.  They seemed really close just like the other boys did.  They were practically like brothers.  They pulled into the hospital and got out.  We got to the front desk and looked around for the others.  They were nowhere to be found.  They probably had rushed to the doctor afraid of being late.  


"Louis Tomlinson," Avery said walking up to the desk.  She left the guys alone at the elevator, they weren't up to much talking.  


"You're not a crazed fan are you," asked the lady.  She had a round face and looked very serious. Not at all like the cheery secretary at her hometown.  


"No, Im with the boys.  See there are Niall and Zayn over there," Avery said.  She looked at them and nodded.  She gave Avery  three little name tags to fill out.  Avery, Niall, and Zayn she wrote down.  She smiled and walked back across to the boys.  


"Floor 5," said Niall glumly.  He pointed to a plastic sign next to the elevator.  It read "Cancer Patient Ward" in big black letters.  We got in the elevator and punched the little button.  We got off at floor five and looked at our name tags for the room number.  


"Room 347," Avery said.  She led the rest of them down the hallway and turned the corner.  The rest of the group stood there talking to a doctor.  Avery looked at Dani her chin was wobbling.  She must of felt her staring because she looked in her direction.  Dani shoved past Liam and ran to Avery.  She hugged her tightly.  


"I can't do this," she heard Dani whisper into her ear.  She felt tears on her shoulder.  Dani was shaking slowly.  She heard Dani whimper and shake.  Louis looked over at them and Avery could see him swallow deeply.  


"Dani,Dani look at me," Avery said.  Dani looked up she had tears streaming down her small face.  "You have to be strong. Do you hear me?  You have to be strong for Louis.  He needs someone strong.  Now go over there and- and be with him."  Avery finished the sentence.  A tear lingered on her cheek but she left it.  Dani nodded and ran to Louis.  He lifted her up.  His face was tight.  Tears escaped his eyes.  And Dani got put back down.  


"Everythings going to be ok," she reassured him over and over.  She kissed him and he was led away by a nurse.  Dani turned around and fell into Liams arms.  He was crying silently.  Dani on the other hand wasn't.  Niall walked over to Avery and hugged her tightly.  She cried into his chest.  His hands ran through her hair.  Avery couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen if Niall got cancer.  Dani was going through a lot.  Niall let her go and she looked at his face.  It was tear-streaked just like the others.  He still looked good when he cried though.  They all sat down in the rubber chairs along the hallway.  Hospitals were always so sad.  


"He's not going to make it he's going down.  Lock him into life alert, plug into immediate oxygen," said a nurse passing us.  She started running down the hallway yelling into the radio.  Dani looked back at us.  She had tears running down her face again.  She hugged Zayn.  


"Why is this happening to me?  Why is this happening to him?  What's going to happen to us?  I can't do this.  I'm not ok.  Im not ok.  What if he doesn't come back, Ill don't know what to do," half screamed Dani.  Her words gave us all chills.  It was silent until a family of four came running down the halls.  They were running in the same direction of the nurse.  They passed and the oldest woman was crying her eyes out.  


"My babys gone," she kept saying to herself.  They kept going and turned.   Dani broke into another fit of tears and we all sort of joined in at that point.  Harry got his Ipod out and plugged it in.  His eyes were closed but the tears kept coming.  I pulled my knees into my chest and leaned into Niall.


"Shut the door, turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel you love, i wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this, even though I try," Liam sang quietly to Dani.  He wasn't singing it to her, more of to all of us.  "Heart beats harder, time escapes me, trembling hands touch skin, it makes this, harder, and the tears stream down my face." His face was covered  in tears.  Dani was shaking, crying, and probably praying.  


"If we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time," sang Harry.  Avery looked at him.  Her eyes were clouded with tears that cascaded down her face.  


"You know Ill be, your life, your voice, your reason to be, my love my heart is breathing for this, moment in time, ill find the words to say, before you leave me today," they sang.  You couldn't even hear Zayn.  He was so choked up.  His hands were in his face.  He was shaking to.  


"Close the door, throw the key, don't wanna be reminded, don't wanna be seen, don't wanna be without you.  My judgments clouded, like tonight's sky," Niall sang.  Avery held him tightly.  The tears were falling down her face.  He stroked the side of face.  She was trembling and she couldn't stop sniffling.  They all stopped singing the next part was Louis and he wasn't here to do that at the moment.  They all sat there silently.  People rushed passed talking into the radios.  None of listened though.  A thought popped into her head.


"What did the doctor say, when we weren't here,?"  Avery asked.  She lifted her head from Nialls shoulder.  


"The doctor said it was a 50% chance," said Liam.  He was still holding the shaking Dani.  She wasn't freaking out any more, she was just crying silently.


"The doctor said he had a 50%  chance of coming out," said Harry his face fallen and white.  "Coming out alive."    


//AUTHORS NOTE//  I cried when writing this chapter so much..

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