That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


3. Louis Secret

Dani and I pull into the biggest mall I have ever seen like ever!  She takes a deep breath the jumps out of the car onto the black pavement. "Squeeeeee," she squeals jumping up in down in 4in high heels.  


"So, where to first,?" asks Avery getting out as well.  


"Well, there's a new Tiffany's I've been dying to check out for like ever," she says skipping towards the door.   We cross the road in a rush but before we go inside Dani takes a picture with 2 teenage girls and signs a few autographs.  I give her a questioning look but she waves  it off.  We both go through the revolving glass doors and step into the mall.  The mall was loud and crowded and everyone was talking.  Dani didn't seem fazed and walked straight into Tiffany's.  Even though it didn't supply clothes we were both falling over there jewelry.  Dani picked out a charm bracelet with dancer shoes and a chocolate bar.


"Can I help you," said the attendant looking suspiciously at me.  She was tall and had a pointy face.  Her make-up was o-so not in style, with its tall eye shadow, and her lipstick a dark blood red.  


"No thanks," Avery said looking through the cases.  Her eye was caught immediately by a silver  bracelet.  It had a plain chain, but a silver dove was in the middle.  "Actually, I would like this," she said pointing down at her new accessory.  


"Let me package it for you," said the attendant happy that Avery was now buying something.  Avery waited while the lady wrapped it in lavender paper and set it in a small box.  She smile and excepted the card with Avery's money on it.  The cost was higher than anything she would have ever bought but acted like it was no biggie.  Dani and Avery got there cards back and made there way to a clothing store. 


"Avery, you would look so cayute in that dress," said Dani pointing to a sleeveless blues dress.  It came up to just above her knees and had cute  pink and yellow flowers all over it.  Dani through some yellow flats at her, which went well with the  outfit. "You need a little jacket," said Dani looking around.  There was a white jacket on the rack behind her, which she threw onto the pile.  


"Dani, it's perfect, what should I do with my hair," Avery asked getting more and more excited by the second.  


"I could straighten it," offered Dani.  Avery nodded her head and went to pay for her clothes.  It was one of the cutest outfits shed ever bought with a friend. 


"Like,?" asked Dani from behind her.  She was holding up a lacy black button-down tank top shirt.  The black skirt with aztec patterns looked great! She was holding black heels and a small silvery sparkly handbag.  


"Cayute," Avery said mimicking her voice.  The two girls laughed and rushed to buy the items and out to the parking lot.  


"We can stop for lunch if you wanna," said Dani looking at herself in the rearview mirror.


"Yeah," Avery said leaning back in the leather seat finally enjoying herself.  She rolled down the window and let the wind roll through her hair.  She smiled to herself deep in thought about her dad, the concert, and Niall.  Dani eventually pulled into a high class restaurant and  jumped out.  


"Dani, its almost 2:00, do we have time to eat," Avery asked furrowing her eyebrows.  


"We have more than enough time,"said Dani pouting slightly.  She motioned for Avery to get out of the car.  Avery sighed and got out of the car following Dani into the huge wooden restaurant.  It was almost like a large cabin, but everything in side was so chic and fancy.  


"How many ladies," asked the hostess.  


"2," said Dani holding her fingers up as a reference. The lady took us to our table and left us with menus.  


"I think I'll just have grilled chicken," Dani said when our waiter came by.  "Oh, and a sweet tea, with lemon."


"Spicy chicken salad, with a water," said Avery handing over her menu.  The waiter nodded and rushed away.  Dani started telling the story about her and Louis met, but Avery's attention was caught by a familiar accent.  He was talking to the hostess and tilted his head in my direction.  He left and the hostess just had a long skinny box in her hands.  


"Here you go ladies," said the waiter bringing out there drinks.  Dani started pouring packet after packet of sugar into her tea.  No wonder she is always so hyperactive.  


"Excuse me," said another waiter. 


"Yes," said Dani pausing in her drowning of the tea ceremony.  


"This was delivered at the door for a Avery Hinningsway," he said laying the box on the table.  He bowed slightly and left.


Avery grabbed the box and opened it slowly.  It was wrapped in the lavender Tiffany's paper. She unfolded its many layers and gasped.  Inside was a necklace just like her bracelet.  It was stunning, Dani gasped as well.  I looked for a card, but all there was was a note.  All it said was '"Fly" in lacy letters.  I put it back in its paper when our food came. 


'Who do you think its from," asked Dani cutting her last bites of chicken into tiny pieces.  


"I don't know, I think I may have an idea though," Avery said smiling widely.  She ate her salad, but didn't even realize it.  When the waiter came with the check Avery just handed him her card. 


"Have a nice day," he said once they left.  The ride back to the house was rushed they got there at 3:09, and the limo was still waiting.  


"The concert doesnt start till 6:00, we just get there extra early," Dani explained.  She also that she had make-up and hair product there already.  The got in the backseat of the limo where the boys were have a conversation about the concert.  The ride was around 10 minutes, and Avery had stared out of the window the whole time.  


"We're here,"said Zayn.  He fixed his hair and smiled at his reflection in his diet soda.  The screaming was there the whole time, but it had just entered Avery's world. 


"So I just walk out and into the door," Avery asked before they opened the door.  


"Here I'll walk you," said Niall stepping forward.  Harry opened the door and walked into the mass of fans.  Next went Zayn and Liam followed by Dani and Louis.  "Ready," asked Niall.  Avery nodded to nervous to speak.  They jumped out of the car and walked into "The Directioners War".  People shoved notebooks, magazines, and posters at them.  


"Niall, I love you," shouted fans from all directions.  He took a picture with a few and walked back to Avery.  Paparazzi snapped a million pictures in about 3 seconds.  Niall waved and greeted fans.  Avery just stood there,  her arm in Nialls, smiling like an idiot.  They made there way into the building and Niall started laughing.  


"What,"Avery asked looking at him as they walked down the long hallway.  


"The fans, they just get me so excited," he said happily.   


"Niall," said Avery very serious now, "Did you send me the necklace?" 


"How'd you find out," he said frowning.  


"I saw you give it to the hostess,"  she said smiling. 


"Did you like it,?" he asked.


"Loved it," she said just before Dani whisked her into a private dressing room. 


She changed into her dress and modeled it for Dani.  She snapped pictures on her Iphone and posted them on every social network.  Dani straightened her hair, and did her own as well.  Dani modeled her outfit, make different facial expressions.  The girls sat in front of the mirror, trying out different styles of make-up.  The both eventually decided to go suddle but sexy.  Avery tied her new necklace and bracelet on.  


"Ready Girls," said Louis walking in.  He was dressed in his casual suspenders and striped shirt. "My Dani looks amazing," he said spinning her in a circle.  Avery snapped a photo of them staring at each other.  They were how do you say...hopelessly in love.  The girls had taken 2 hours to get ready and the boys had a meet and greet in a room somewhere in the stadium.  


"Lets go on the stage," exclaimed Dani turning down a hallway.  The stage was huge, they made sure to avoid the whole where the boys would be lifted up out of.  Dani took off her heels and started dancing.  She was really good and didnt stop until the started letting people in.  They rushed off stage and looked out at the audience.  Hundreds of screaming people sat waiting for the boys.  Soon they took a seat on the side getting a view of the whole stage.  


"Ready in 5," soon came the voices of many people.  Avery and Dani sat waiting for the performance.  


"Lou, I told you, we have a concert," echoed the voice of Harry Styles throughout the building.  


"Ok, fine, I guess we can sing," said Louis.  


"You guys, so many people are staring at me," said Zayn lifting his head out of the hole smiling to the crowd.  The crowd was yelling, but you could hear the bands voices over anything.  


"They are staring at our voices," said Niall pushing Zayn back down.


"You guys, we are keeping them waiting," Liam gestured to the crowd.  All the lights went off, and then everything started flashing, the boys were lifted onto stage singing there first big hit, WMYB.  They went through song after song, eventually stopping halfway through for an intermission.  The boys ran off stage panting and sweating.  


"You did great  sweetums," said Dani running into Louis open arms.  The boys were given bottles of water, and there faces were wiped.  


"Y'all are doing really good," said Avery to the other 4.  


"Thanks," said Harry staring at her again.  


"Danielle and Perrie are in the front row, so they cant come back this time," said Zayn.  


It got pretty awkward after that, becuase Dani and Louis kept kissing.  The rest of us sorta just kept nodding and looking around.  


"We have to back out there," said Niall nodding to the stage assistant.  


"Have fun," Avery said.


"Always," said Liam and Niall at the same time.  The looked at each other and ran on stage.


This time Niall looked at Avery at all the sweet parts in a song.  She blushed and looked down at her necklace.  Dani inhaled a deep breath looking where Niall's gaze ended.  The concert ended and the boys started walking off stage.  Louis still stood out there staring into the crowd.  Nobody moved for a few seconds.


"Dani, could you come out here,"  Louis said finally.


"What's going on," Avery heard Liam ask.  Dani walked out there with a confused expression.  The earlier screaming stadium was now silent.  Everyone looked a little out of sorts, but the all sat back down.  


"Today, while you went shopping I went to the doctor.  I got some important news," Louis said his eyes welling up.  He avoided everyone's gaze. His foot was tapping furiously on the ground.  Everyone was breathing, but nobody at all was talking.  "I--I have cancer."


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