That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


8. Goodbye?

Avery sat next to Niall with his head in her lap.  She had her earphones in and was messing with Niall's hair.  He was writing above his face. She looked down the hallway both ways.  Nobody had come down the hallway but a few doctors.  The only person that had left the bench was Zayn to get them all food.  Dani was sitting on the bench staring at the wall in front of her.  She hadn't moved every once in a while a single tear would roll down her face.  She let it fall.  Liam was listening to music and so was Harry.  Heart Attack by Demi Lovato came on Avery's Ipod.  She sand along quietly under her breath.  A doctor walked down the halls and stopped in front of them with a clipboard.  Dani stood up and the resst of them ripped out there earphones or stopped whatever they were doing.    


"Mr. Tomilnson's surgery is finished," said the doctor.  He bounced on the balls of his feet looking at all of us individually.  "It went perfectly ther-"


"Can we see him now, please, pretty please," said Dani.  She pleaded.  


"I will see if he is fit for patients," said the doctor he started walking away.  


"We are going to grab a meal first," said Harry.  Dani hesitated but followed reluctantly.  


"Cafeteria,?" asked Avery.  


"Yes," said Niall.  He pushed the the button to the bottom floor.  We rode down, our hearts racing.  We all now knew that Louis was out safe, he was in the 50%.


"I can finally breathe," said Dani.  She leaned against the door.  She was still crying, but tears of happiness now.  


"I think we all can," said Zayn.  Liam pulled us all into a group hug.  We all let out a sigh of relief, we could finally sleep at night.  The elevator dinged and we all walked out.  The cafeteria was the the 3rd floor along with gift shop, and museum.  


"Can I help you," asked an old man.  He was dressed in a hospital robe so it was obvious that he was a patient.  


"No sir, we are just getting some food," said Dani.  She smiled politely at the man, she was back to her cheery self.  


"You will get through it, just like Martha did.  Martha were did you go to?  Oh there you are.  I was just telling this little girl about you.  Oh how I miss you Martha," said the old man to the chair to his right.  The rest of us looked at each other and just nodded to please the old man.  


"Mr. Henderson, where have you gotten to this time,?" said a nurse walking up to us.  She put her hands on her hips and looked at the man.  "Mr. Henderson is in our Nursing home. Did he tell you about Martha?"


"Yes ma'am," said Niall nodding.  


"Martha was his wife.  After Mr. Henderson had brain surgery and lost all his memory, Martha never showed her face again.  On their anniversery she sends a card with a page full of memories," said the nurse.  


"Oh, well we should get going," said Avery.  


"Bye Martha," said the old man looking at Dani.  She waved and we walked in the other direction.


"He was sweet," said Dani.  


"Yeah, he was," said Harry.  He walked over to a counter and grabbed a plate.  Niall did the same.  Dani, Zayn, Liam, and I walked to the salad bar.  We grabbed the already made ones and sat down at an empty table.


"I can't wait to see Louis," said Liam opening the bottled cola he grabbed on the way over.  Avery looked around for her missing drink.  It was on the little counter next to a few doctors.  


"Be right back," she said to the others.  She stood up and walked to the counter.  She reached for her drink and turned back to the table.  She started walking when she heard a familiar name.


"Yes, he's awake, but not for much longer.  They said about 5 minutes after the surgery the antidote would wear off.  Mr. Tomlinson's friends don't know though, according to the Dr.Shims.  He said he tried to tell the children but they went off for a meal," laughed a doctor into the phone.  Avery stuttered and walked back to her seat.  Awake but for not much longer, they were putting him back to sleep.  She reassured herself and sat back down in her seat.  


"You okay babe," asked Niall.  She nodded lightly and sat next to him.  He had practically the whole turkey and a few slices of pizza on his plate.  He put his left hand on her leg and started eating.  The group ate and planned the next day's events.  Avery wiped the thoughts from her brain and joined in.  They all laughed when Niall snuck Harry's only piece of pizza from his plate.  


"Are you ready," asked Liam.  The question was directed to Dani.  She had been "eating" he salad for over 45 minutes.  


"I-I guess," she said.  They all stood up and crossed the room.  The food was dumped into the trash cans along the wall.  The got back into the elevator and rode up.  Avery leaned against Niall.  His heart was pounding in his chest.  She could feel hers to.  The elevator stopped and they all got out.  Dani led them down the hall where they had seen the doctor come from.  Avery and the others looked from door to door to find his name.  


"Louis Tomlinson," said Zayn pointing to a door.  They all surrounded the door and Zayn knocked.  A nurse stuck her head out and looked at us angrily.


"We are here to see Louis,"said Dani pushing herself to the front.  


"There's not much to say to him,"said the nurse.  She still hadn't moved out of the path of the doorway.  


"What do you mean,?" asked Dani.  She shifted her weight to her other leg and started biting her fingernails.  


"You didn't hear,?"asked the nurse.  She looked sympathetic now.  


"Hear what,"  asked Avery.  She stepped forward even with Dani now.  The nurse frowned wryly at them.  


"He is in a coma darling," said the nurse sympathetically.  She shut the door and they heard the lock click into place.  


Harry banged his fist against the door and sunk down the wall.  Dani grabbed Liam and started screaming into his shoulder.  She couldn't stop crying.  Her face was soaking wet.  Avery was wrapped in Nialls warm arms.  The tears came faster every second.  


"Let us in," shouted Liam through the door.  He slammed his hand flatly against the door.  The lock clicked and the door flew open.  She waved them sarcastically in.  


In the room there was a single white curtain in front of the bed.  The blinds were closed on the window and the TV was off.  The nurse pulled the curtain back.  They all got the chills.  Louis lay shirtless with two big bandages covering his ribs.  His face was pale and emotionless.  


"Louis," mumbled Dani.  She ran from Liam and looked at Louis.  She let out a shrill scream and leaned over his body.  "What have they done to my baby," she asked him caressing his face.  She pressed her forehead to his.  She let the tears roll and her body started shaking.  Zayn cried and hugged Liam.  Niall grabbed Avery and pulled her into a tight hug.  


"Everything's fine," said Niall into her ear.  With his face pressed against hers she could feel the tears on his cheeks.  


"No, no its not," said Avery.  She shook and sniffled into him.  Harry fell to the ground and let out a brief sigh.  He had his hands over his face, when removed he had tears streaming down his face.


Dani stood over him still.  She felt every inch of his face with her hand while she cried.  "Goodbye for now love," she said to him.  She kissed his forehead and sat next to Harry who hugged her.  Louis was still.  His body lay there, not lifeless, but not exactly living.  

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