That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


16. First Date

Avery's heart raced when they got outside, and immediately words of hate pummeled her.  Niall's hands covered her ears blocking out the noise, but not the faces.  The pointed at her, faces contorted into ugly expressions.  They got in the car silent as ever.  


"Im sorry," said Niall resting his hand on top of hers.  She remembered the night they fell asleep on the couch, both of their hands had rested on the Notebook.  It was worth it.  


"Lets go," said Avery forcing a smile through the pain.  She rested her head on the window as Niall drove to the unknown destination.  The sun was going down, gorgeous indeed.  


"We are here," said Niall.  He pulled up onto a gravel road and parked the car.  Avery got out her feet were tickled by the tall grass.  Niall led her down the hill to a small lake.  On the edge was blanket with a picnic basket.  Avery sat gently down on it soft fabric and took in the scene.  The sunset was now a dark purple reflecting onto the waters glassy surface.  She almost wish she had her phone, to bad it was destroyed.  The lake had rocks surrounding the edges and a little island in the middle.  There were lillypads and shrines around the edges.  It was so pretty.


"It amazing Nialler," said Avery grabbing his hand and squeezing it with delight.  


"Tonight is not a night for talking, just...think," Niall spoke clearly stuttering slightly on the last word.  Avery smiled at him as he pulled little packages out of the brown woven basket.  He handed her a box and she opened it smiling.  It was a new necklace.  Her other one was still on but this one had a meaning somewhere.  It was a simple chain except with a fork and a crown dangling in the middle.  She didn't question it, but it had her mind wondering.  She pulled her hair out of the way and turned around.  Niall slid it onto her and tightened the clasp.  She nodded as a thank you and picked up some food.  


It was noodles with a French sauce.  Somehow it was still warm.  Unlike the air, she shivered yet it was summer.  Confusing right?  She ate, just as the stars came out.  She saw the first one and clamped her eyes shut.  Her mom had taught it to her when she was young.


                                    "The first star I see tonight,

                                                I wish I may,

                                               I wish I might,

                                                get the wish,

                                                I wish tonight."


She recited it in her head wishing for nothing but this moment to last forever.  She had one of the best people in the world hand in hand.  The most amazing food.  The view was amazing.  Everything seemed perfect.


When she opened her eyes she looked to Niall.  His eyes were closed to, he was reciting his own poem.  She slid their hands apart and took a long sip of water almost draining the bottle.  They both ate on, in silence.  It wasn't awkward silence though, it was a healing thing maybe.  She finished and looked at Niall.  He was laying on his back.  His eyes were closed and his hands behind his head.  He looked almost asleep.  She layed into his chest.  Immediately his arms wrapped around her. They were strong they made her feel so safe.  


"Surprise time," he said.  They both leaned up, her back cracked when she did.  She now felt loose and excited.  Niall ran behind a bush and came out dragging a canoe.  He put it on the edge of the lake and took her hand.  Avery wobbled in, sitting almost falling down.  He picked up two paddles got in himself.  He rowed her into one of the little shrines.  It was like a little house with branches hanging in a circle around them.  Lightning bugs were flying around glowing the night just like the stars.  She smiled and Niall put the paddles behind him.


"Do you want to know the meaning of that,?" he asked pointing toward her necklace.  She nodded holding it in her fingers.  "You remind me of a princess.  You have no idea how perfect and beautiful you are.  Everything about me wonders why you choose me.  You could literally have anybody you wanted.  I'm hopelessly in love with you.  You remind me of Ariel.  She thought she had to change for her prince.  You don't have to change for me.  The fork of course is because you have such a big imagination.  You could dream up a thousand lands.  Far far away from here and create the perfect characters.  That is of course one of the many reasons I love you."


Avery couldn't help it, she teared up.  Nobody had ever actually said anything this sweet before.  All her life she had always wanted to be perfect.  To be the right size, weight, and height.  Eat the right food, wear the right clothes, and say the right things.  Niall just told her he didn't care what she did, he would always love her.  She leaned forward and hugged him.  He was very extremely special to her.  A splash echoed in the distance.  Before Avery could capture what was happening, she hit the water.  


Her dress flew around her.  The water was clear and surprisingly clean.  Her hands clawed out for anything around her.  She hit something solid and suddenly NIalls face came into view.  His hand wrapped around her face and pulled her into a kiss.  She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the unexpected moment.  A smile escaped her grasps and she opened her eyes.  The resurfaced gasping slightly for air.  She smiled at Niall and he lifted her back in the canoe.  Together they went back to the shore.    


////////AUTHORS NOTE//////////////

I really wrote this chapter in a haze.  Usually my writing is sort of mechanical, but this chapter came from my heart.  It means a lot to me.  Sorry for the long waits, 3 new books on the way...goodnight lovies<3

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