That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


5. Convinced

Niall and Avery spent the rest of the day at the water park hand in hand.  Dani of course, squealed when she heard the news.  Harry got kind of mysterious and just didn't say anything.  The others just congratulated them.  Niall was really happy for the rest of the day and couldn't stop smiling.  The group of 9 sat under pink and blue umbrellas.  They ate the OK water park food and discussed tomorrow nights concert.  


"Well I think that we should just fly over in the morning.  Then we could make our rounds and make it back here in like 2 months," said Harry.  Avery's heart dropped.  She wouldn't be able to see Niall for 2 months.  


"What about us," said Danielle.  She was really pretty, and seemed a lot like Liam.  They both had that serious look to them.  


"Us as in us,?" asked Liam.  


"No us as in the girls us," she said gesturing to her fellow One Direction members girlfriends.  


"O, well.  I guess you can all come along,"  said Louis.  Dani looked at him and smiled.  They were the cutest couple ever.   


"Yeah, Little Mix is opening for One Direction at a few stops," said Perrie.  


"Im sure your dad would go for it," said Niall to Avery.  


"Yeah, I guess he would," she said hopefully.  


"Whens your surgery,?" asked Zayn.  The topic had suddenly gotten very intense.  


"Next week in North Carolina.  Im going to have to take off a few weeks.  You all can still do the meet and greets but I would prefer to be present in the concerts," said Louis.


"We will be there for you," said Dani.  


"And Ill be there for you," said Louis.  Dani looked incredibly confused.  Louis suddenly grabbed her by the legs and ran into the deep end of the wave pool.  You could hear Dani's screaming and Louis laughing.  Liam did the same to Danielle, the 2 couples started splashing in the water.  Without warning Niall and Zayn picked up Avery and Perrie.  They plummeted down into the water laughing. Harry jumped in doing a cannon ball close to Niall's head.  He didn't seem to notice though.  For the rest of the day the group swam around the wave pool.  The got back home at 9:00 AM with someone waiting for them.  


"Avery," said her dad pulling her soaking wet body into a hug.  He was wearing a very expensive suit, and had on strong cologne.  


"Dad," said Avery through gritted teeth.  She awkwardly hugged him and took a few steps back when he let go.  Everyone but Dani and the boys had gone home.  The boys were standing behind her while Dani was up in Averys room.  


"I see you've met my latest clients.  They are about to go on tour," her dad said sounding prouder than he every had of her.


"Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about,"said Avery.  She stepped back and nervously grabbed Niall's hand.  "I want to go on tour with them."  


"Honey, you came her to spend the summer with me though," her dad said.  


"Dad, since when do you care what I do?  I have been living without a father for to long for you to come into my life and tell me what to do.  Even when I was little you never came to my dance recitals, or to my soccer games," said Avery, she could hear the hostility creeping into her voice.  


"I wa-


"You were busy?  I barely saw you then one day you just left.  Mom and I were alone,"  she was almost screaming now.  Dani came out of the kitchen and was standing with a jar of peanut butter in her small hands.  Niall was holding her back, from what she did not know.  The other boys were drifting in between everybody.  


"Fine, go," he dad said.  A frown appeared on his face.  He walked into his office on the 1st floor.  He didn't even slam the door which Avery would have most certainly done.  


She turned and hugged Niall.  He pulled her up to her room and put her in the bed.  She was so tired she didn't even notice.  He kissed her on the head and left.  She heard Dani come in and lay down on the couch in the corner.  


She slept through the night in and out.  She fully woke up when Niall came in and carried her out to the car.  He layed her in the car and brushed her hair out of her face.  She felt a body sit next to her but her eyes were already lowering.  When she woke up they were at the airport.  Her pajamas felt out of place, but luckily everyone else had theirs on to.  Zayn was practically sleeping into Liam's shoulder.  It looked like the rest of us were sleepwalking.  Dani was small enough that Louis was carrying her like a panda bear wrapped around him.  Fans were crowding around the boys.  They plastered smiles on their faces and took a few pictures.  Niall was holding Avery's hand and pulled her into a few pictures.  She smiled roughly and fans started asking questions about them.  


"They're dating, " said a very cranky Harry Styles.  Fans were to busy gossiping to notice them all sneak aboard a plane.  They were flying to Virginia, then they would be taking the tour bus from then out.  


"This thing is huge," Avery said stifling a yawn.  She looked around at the private jet.  It had a row of 6 huge chairs, that were connected.  Zayn fell into one and Liam fell right next to him.  Louis and Dani shared a chair.  Harry got blankets and threw them over each person and collapsed into one of them himself.  Niall fell into the last open one and pulled Avery on top of him.  She fell asleep on his chest again.  Listening to his heart beat she was convinced they'd be together for ever.  

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