That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


12. Blaine

Avery was speechless.  Her dad was breaking her heart.  She couldn't leave Niall in freakin jail.  He must be joking, leaving him here meant the band was going to get a bad rep.  Niall wasn't a bad boy either.  She looked around her eyebrows were knitted together and she was breathing rapidly.  Niall had his face in his hands.  He must be so distressed.  


"You may leave now," said the officer.  


"No," said Avery.  


"Avery go," prayed Niall.  "Tell the others."


"Im not leaving-"


"Avery go," shouted Niall.  She looked at him in disgust and fled from the room.  She charged down the halls not stopping for anything.  Anything except for a loud buzzer.  It buzzed and she stopped in her tracks.  Doors opened and inmates came out flooding the halls.  She pushed herself up against the wall hoping to go by unnoticed.  Yet hope hasn't exactly been on herside the past few weeks.  


"Fresh meat," said a woman walking up.  Avery pulled her arms closer looking around.  A crowd was forming around them.  


"What got you in here, pretty face," said a man walking up to her.  He placed his hands on her hips.  She squeezed her eyes and hid her lips.  "Dont worry," he said gruffly in her ear.  


She let out a muffled cry for help which was a mistake.  He slammed a fist on the wall next to her head.  "Don't ever do that again," he said smiling.  Tears swelled in her eyes but she wasn't giving up easily.  A few inmates laughed loudly but silence came back.


"What do you want," Avery choked.  The inmate put his hand up to her face and pushed out a piece of fallen hair.  His thick hands were on her face now.  She stared into his black eyes, wondering endlessly if she was about to die.  


"I want you doll," he said.  His grin was wicked and she frowned at him.  "My names Blaine."


"Avery," she said.  


"That's a sweet name," muttered Blaine.  One of his hands was on her waist the other on her head.  He leaned forward but she kicked his stomach.  He was strong and barely flinched.  A body came out of the circle and lept at Blaine.  Blaine wrestled on the ground with the inmate.


 Avery felt her heart, she let a tear fall.  It was not going to end well.  The other inmates started fighting as well, she looked around frantically for a way out.  Some officers had to be close by.  She looked at Blaine and realized something fatal.  The inmate he was fighting was Niall.  She ran at them.  They were fighting in the air now.  She put herself in between them and was hit ruffly in the jaw by Blaine.  She saw white spots but pulled herself together.  She wrapped her arms around Nialls waist and pushed him back.  She had never seen him this angry.  His lip was bleeding and he had a swollen forehead.  His eyes were dilated and he was heaving.  


"Let go," said Avery to him.  His arms went limp but his gaze never dropped.  


"If you ever touch her again I swear to god I will make you feel more pain than you ever have.  She is mine.  She will always be mine.  If you hurt her, I will kill you," Niall said.  


Blaine smiled angrily and stomped away.


"I love you," said Niall.  He kissed her.  She kissed back.  He cut her off and put his arms around her.  He touched her swollen face and pushed her back.  "Go home."  And with that he walked down the halls.  She turned and went to the main office.  A cab had been called for her in advance.  Her face burned with anger.  She got into the cab and slammed the door.  


She rode in silence.  The cab stopped and she got out.  Not even bothering to pay.  She stormed passed a few fans and straight to a news crew.  


"I would just like all of you to know that because of you we are all broken.  You're crushing dreams, and I am not OK with it. So shut up and get on with your freakin lives and stop hating on others," yelled Avery.  They looked stunned at her, she honestly didn't care.  She punched her fist into the elevator button inside.  She rode trying to calm herself down in silence.  Before the door opened she let out a scream.  It felt good.  She sprinted down the halls and fans were crowding her door.  She pushed passed them and slammed a fist in the door.  "It's AVERY," she yelled.  The fans quieted down looking at her.  The door opened in a flash and she was pulled in.  Whoever it was locked the door and hugged her.  She stood there and let out a sigh.  


"Are you ok," Liam said letting go.  It had been Liam, probably who called the cab and waited at the door for her.  


"Nialls not here," she said.  


"What," asked Zayn from behind her.  


"My dad only paid half the bail," said Avery.  


"Whats he pulling," asked Liam.  


"Whats wrong with your face," asked Harry.  The others finally noticed and looked at her.  Dani came out from the door and looked like she had been crying.  


"Nothing," said Avery.  


"What happened," asked Harry.  


"Niall and I got in a fight with an inmate and he slapped me," said Avery simply.


"Niall," said a bewildered Zayn.  


"The inmate."  Avery sat on the couch and let out and angry huff.


"How much is Nialls bail,?" asked Dani.  She sat next to Avery lightly, she looked sick almost.  


"46,000 dollars," said Avery.  


"How are we going to manage 46,00 dollars," asked Zayn.  


"We could do a celebrity car wash, or do a meet and greet,?" offered Liam.  


"I don't care what we have to do, we have to get him out of there now," said Avery.  


"We will try our best," said Zayn.  Then they took out their phones and started dialing numbers.  Organizing meet and greets, carwashes, signing's, anything and everything.  So this is what people meant, the way they are dedicated.  Not to themselves, but to others.  They would get Niall out of there soon, soon enough.

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