That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


11. Bail Money

Avery felt her cold handcuffs around her wrists.  Her and Niall sat in the back seat of a police car, running down the highway.  Not only were they confused but they were also scared.  Nialls whole career could be gone if he was arrested.  Dani and the boys had started freaking out and almost got themselves arrested.  They eventually gave up, and Niall and Avery were led to the smelly backseat of a police car.  Niall was pale and his foot was tapping away.  In any other situation he would have been biting his nails, but his hands were chained behind him, so that wouldn't work.  So together they sat there, in the back of a police car.  


"You kids don't seem like the type to do this," said the officer looking forward through the window.  


"We aren't we've just been through a lot these past few weeks.  We still haven't told anyone why we did it," said Niall.  He leaned back putting his head on the back rest squeezing his eyes shut.  


"We did it to protect our friend.  People were spreading nasty rumors about her.  They would have killed her spirit even more," added Avery.  


"Well, whatever you reason we still have to bring you down to the station," said the police officer, he made a turn and Avery slid into the window.  She looked out and saw a sign that said "Local Police Department."  It was about 10 more seconds until they stopped.  She was pulled forcefully out of the car by another officer.  He yanked her into the building and but her in a room with 2 chairs.  Niall was thrown into the other one, and Avery was left to seat herself.  She tried her best not to cry, but it was to overwhelming.  Did they think she committed murder or what?


"Everything's going to be ok," said Niall.  Avery nodded hoping he was telling the truth.  Soon a detective came in and stood in front of them with 2 salmonella folders.


"In my hand I hold both of your permanent records.  Clean.  If you can come up with the bail money, your'e free to go," he said.  


Niall and I looked at each other.  He had the spark back in his eyes.  "How much," asked Niall. 


"56,000 dollars," said the man grimly.  


"What,?" asked Avery.  


"Avery don't freak out," said Niall.  He tried to comfort her, but it was hard to do in handcuffs.  He ended up rubbing her shoulder with his.  


"Freak out?  We don't have 56,000 dollars just lying around in case we get sent to prison," said Avery.  And then it happened just like it had in the seventh grade.  Tabitha Ryler had pushed her against the lockers and taken her new book bag.  She made Avery carry around her things, and do her homework.  She almost got suspened, but she finally stood upl to Tabitha.  Before that, she had a slight problem with hyperventilating.  She could feel her rapid short breaths of air coming in and out.  Her chest was heaving.  


"Avery, Avery listen to me," Niall said.  He struggled in the handcuffs trying to spring free.  The detective stared at them with a perplexed expression.  "Unlock me, unlock me," said Niall.  He ran to the detective. 


"I don't have the key boy," said the man holding his hands up in defense.  


"You have to unlock me," said Niall.  Avery could barely hear him though.  Everything started to get distant and black.  She started seeing spots.  She felt strong hands around her shoulders in the next few seconds.  Nialls profile came back into view soon.  


"Avery, Avery, can you hear me," Niall asked.  He was scared for her.  Someone was behind her unlocking her handcuffs.  Niall was kneeling in front of her, she collapsed into his arms when her handcuffs came undone.  "I wont let them take us."


"I believe you," said Avery.  She held him tight wondering what would be next on this roller coaster.  


"Now you can make a few calls," said a new officer.  Niall lifted them both off the ground.   He led them through halls and into a private office.  It was warm inside there, unlike the rest of the place, cold.  They sat down in shiny chairs in front of a handsome desk.  The man sat down and pushed a telephone towards us.  Niall picked it up and started dialing.  


"Liam, its me Niall.  We have a huge problem.  The bail money is 56,000 dollars.  I know, we cant just pay for that.  Ok, call this number back or come down here as soon as possible," Niall talked quickly. 


"Are they coming," asked Avery.  


"No, they can't leave.  The hotel room is surrounded again," Niall complained he threw his hands in the air angrily.  


"What do we do now," asked Avery nervously.  


"I'm afraid if that's all you can do you'll have to be put in cells," said the officer.  He stood up and walked out of the room.  Avery looked at Niall.  He held her hand in case she had another attack.  She slowed her breathing and looked around the room.  There were pictures of the officer and his children crowding the walls they were all smiling.  Not at all like Avery's family.


"There's another person we can call," snapped Niall.  


"Who,?" Avery asked.  


"Your dad," said Niall.  He looked down at his feet afraid of her reaction probably.  The officer walked back in the room suddenly and started filling out paperwork.  


"May I,?" asked Avery gesturing towards the phone.


"Of course," nodded the officer.


Avery dialed his familiar number and listen to his ring.  He picked up on the third chime.


"Hello,?" his voice sounded muffled.  


"Dad," said Avery plainly.  


"Avery Hinningsway.  You didn't think it was important to call your father when you were sent to jail.  I have no idea what you were thinking young lady," rushed her father.


"Wait how did you know," asked Avery.


"Liam called me a few minutes ago ranting on about how they needed 56000 to bail you to out," said her father.  


"Well," said Avery.  She was content on staying angry at him for not being there.  Truth be told she was sorry about this though.  


"Well of course Im paying it for you," said her dad. 


"Thanks dad," screeched Avery.  Niall took the phone from her and started jabbling with her dad. She promised herself she would apologize to him, and make up some of the money.  When Niall got off the phone his face looked ashen thought.  


"Whats wrong," asked Avery.  


"Your fathers paying 10,000 dollars, not the 56," sighed Niall.  Avery's face changed to horror struck.  Just about now she wanted to throw him off of the Eiffel Tower.  "Avery, for a person like you it cost about 10,000 dollar bail.  For a person like me, it could be 100,000 dollars.  Your father is only paying for you to go."


"Whats that supposed to mean," spat Avery.  


"It means you go home, and I stay here, in jail," muttered Niall.

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