That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


6. Avery? Celebrity? Woah

We all slept for like 3-5 hours.  Niall was one of the first to wake up but didn't want to move for fear of waking Avery.  When she woke up the only one left sleeping was Zayn.


"Hey beautiful," said Niall when she raised her head off his chest.  Avery smiled at him and got of the chair.  "We're almost there, we decided to let Zayn and you sleep though."


"Thanks," said Avery.  She walked around the medium sized plane compartment.  It had a mini kitchen, with a little microwave and everything.  She looked in the fridge and grabbed a water.  Niall stood up and started making a sandwich.  Avery started to make one to, but Niall stopped her.  


"You can go sit down, Ill make you one," he said pushing her towards the couches.  Dani and Louis were sitting at almost a booth table talking loudly.  


"Louis, are you sure we shouldn't just post pone the whole tour for you to recover,?" Dani asked.  She pulled a drink closer to her and took a large gulp.  Avery sat down and realized from the smell it was coffee.  


"No, Ill be fine to go on.  The fans will want to see me all up and better.  Mornin Avery," said Louis.  He had a large plate in front of him, which of the looks might have been scrambled eggs.  

"Afternoon," said Dani matter-o-factly.  Niall sat down across from Avery and next to Louis.  He put a sandwich in front of her.  It was peanut butter and jelly.  She started eating the sandwich slowly, planes sometimes made her nauseous.  Liam and Harry were sitting in front of the TV watching some brit show.  Zayn was still sleeping turning every once and a while.  Avery finished her sandwich and drank some of the water.  


"We are about to land.  No electronics.  Be ready, we have to fly Selena Gomez to Spain," said an unfamiliar man.  He walked back to the front with out another word.  All of their bags were packed in a heap at the back.  


"I'll wake Zayn," said Louis.  He climbed over Niall and stood in front of Zayn's chair.  "Peek-A-BOO!," Louis shouted jumping on Zayn.  Zayn shouted and flung Louis off of him.  The rest of us were drowning in laughter.  


"What," asked Zayn still halfway asleep.  He got up and started stretching.  


"We are about to land mate," said Harry patting his back and walking to the back.  He grabbed his bag and sat in one of the chairs.  All of us followed suit and waited to land.  The plane landed smoothly, and all of us stood up.  The pilot let the ladder down and we all walked out.  A car was waiting for us at the airport, and so were a million screaming fans.  We got in the car and drove past the fans.  Niall sat next to me holding my hand as we sped down the highway.  We turned into Shaylic Hotel.  Our bags were carried out by a bunch of bell boys.  We took the elevator to the 7th floor.  There were 3 rooms, 2 different bedrooms, and a bathroom.  Avery and Dani ran into the other room and claimed it immediately.  The five boys had to split 2 beds, that could be interesting.  


"I'll sleep on the couch," said Harry.  He fell onto it and probably fell straight asleep.  Louis and Zayn got one bed while Niall and Liam shared the other.  Luckily Avery and Dani got separate beds.


"We have a meet and greet and concert in exactly 1 hour," Avery heard Liam say.  Dani heard to and immediately started getting ready.  She ran into the bathroom and everyone could hear the shower water running.


"Dani, it's been 20 minutes the rest of us have to shower to you know," said Avery knocking on the door.  Avery and the boys stood outside of the bathroom with all clothes and shampoo.  


"Fine," she heard Dani start packing up her stuff.  Her shower had been short, but she had make up and hair to.  She walked out with a towel wrapped around her and angrily walked into her room. 


"Why's she angry," asked Louis.  He started moving towards the door.


"She only had half her face done," said Avery running in and slamming the door.  She locked it and started the water.  Hot water cascaded down her back.  She rubbed in her strawberry smelling shampoo, and couldn't help but hum.  She quietly started singing Titanium by David Guetta.  Without realizing it she started singing louder.  


"Lovely voice, but do you mind saving hot water for the rest of us," she heard a muffled voice.  


"Whatever," she half- shouted back.  She shut down the water and started drying off.  She wrapped the towel around herself.  She grabbed her clothes and make-up bag and opened the door.  The boys were sitting on the ground in a circle.  She stepped in between them and opened the door to her room.  Dani was fully dressed and straightening her hair.


"I'm almost finished, Ill go down to the lobby and make sure the cars ready," said Dani fluffing her hair.  She looked great as usual.  Dani left and Avery locked the door back.  She put on a t-shirt and torn jean shorts.  She straightened her hair and parted it to the right side.  She put on the little make up she wore and threw on some converse.  She looked in the mirror and looked genuinely good.  She was about to walk into the other room, but she decided it was best to knock.


"Everyone dressed," she asked through the door.  


"Wait," came a voice.  "Now you can enter."  Avery walked through the room and looked at them.  Zayn, Harry, and Louis were all dressed and sitting on a couch.  Niall and Liam had towels wrapped around their waists and were pulling on shirts.  She smiled at all of them and walked out of the room.  She walked down the hallway and towards the elevator.  


"Avery, hold up," said Niall.  He ran down the hall towards her.  She held her hands out and he grabbed them as he ran by.  They sprinted down the hall at full speed.  She was giggling and he was heartily laughing.  They stopped at the elevator and pushed the button.  She grabbed her into a hug and she ruffled his wet hair.  The elevator opened and they walked inside.  They held each other and waited for it to come to a halt.  It stopped slowly and they walked out.  Dani was standing at the front desks.  The walked over to her hands intertwined.  


"Hey there Dani," said Avery.  Dani jumped a little and turned around.  She had been quite overprotective since the news. 


"You scared me half to death Avery,"Dani said sighing.  "Both of you go into the limo, management is calling we have to be there in less that 15 minutes.  Ill call the other boys down."


"Lets go love," said Niall.  He pulled her toward the front doors where a group of security guards waited.  They circled around them and marched outside.  


"NIALL," came a hundred different voices from hundreds of directions.  Niall tried his best to wave over the tall body guards.  They were close to the doors of the limo when a voice rang out.  "Avery, over here Avery."  Avery turned and saw a group of girls holding pictures of Avery at the water park entrance and getting off the plane.  She smiled and waved at them.  They squealed and started jumping.  They got in the car and Niall began grinning.  


"Look who is popular," he said.  He layed his face in her lap and she played with his hair.  


"It was 3 girls," said Avery slightly blushing.  She stared into his eyes.  He stared back.  


"That's how it started for us to," he said.  She leaned down and kissed him lightly.  The car door opened and the others piled in.  Niall sat up so the others could sit down.  


"Avery, I saw a few girls out there dressed in what you wore to the first concert," said Liam.  He sat across from Avery.  


"I saw some posters that said "Avery We Love Yooh,"" said Zayn.  The limo started and the drove away, some of the fans chased the car.  They didn't get that far though.   Avery didn't think the fans thought of her as and idol.  It was probably because she was dating Niall.  At the last concert she had seen some Perrie, Dani, and Danielle signs.  She was just getting her taste of fame.  If Niall and her ever split, everything would go away.  She would just be another face that dated a celebrity.  While she was getting some attention....she might as well go for it.  



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