believe (One Direction fanfic)

Lia and Louise were huge fan of 1D and they get to go to the 1D concert in London which Lia lives in wolfhampton and louise lives in Doncaster


1. finding out

I was listening to 1D cause my mum was gone and my dad passed away when i was 2 i went to open it then i see my best friend Louise infront of me with something in her hands with her bags "Come in Louise"I said as she walked in then handed me something "There my mum got us something"Louise said as i read "Omg 1D tickets!"I said and screamed "Yep now wannna go upstairs to see what the boys r up to then go shopping"Louise asked "Yea"I anwsered think about Liam and Danellie I wonder if Liam would even like me then Louise walked upstairs and I followed "When's the concert?"I asked "I don't know I'll text my mum"Louise said and started texting "It's Tonight we should just go shopping now"Louise said "Ya we should let's go"I said and walked out the door and got into the car then Louise got in and started driving "Lia can u turn on the radio?"Louise asked then I turned the radio on then Best song ever by 1D came on Louise and I turned to each other when we first heard it then I saw 1D's tour bus "Louise it's 1D's tour bus!"I told her and she looked and had a shocked look on her face then are car stopped then there tour bus stopped and they walked towards us "Louise what happend"I asked and she just gave a confused look "Hello"I turned around to see Liam Payne "Hi"Louise said and I was speakless "I'm Louise and this is Lia"Louise said as Louis walked towards her "so are u guys going to the concert tonight"Liam asked "Yes we were on are way to the mall"I said "Oh we can take u there"Louis and Liam both said "Thanks"Louise said then Louis helped Louise out of the car and held her hand and Liam did the same as we asked towards the tour bus then we got stopped by the driver "No fans allowed"The Driver said "They r alright"Liam said and the driver let us though"Head to the mall"Louis yelled "Ok"The driver started driving towards the mall

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