Midnight strikes

Midnight strikes is about how a girl who meets 5 boys that are handsome and also vampires who will she fall in love with?


3. Where am I?

Mackenzie's POV

I woke up in a chair tied up what had happened where was I, I looked around still confused and frightened not knowing where I am and how I was gonna get home "she's awake lads" I heard a deep voice say then saw him in front of me "where am I?" I said my voice shaking and sounding like a freak but I was frozen "none of your business" the man snapped at me and I looked at my feet. Why was I here? What was he gonna do to me? Then I saw four other men walk in and I knew I was in trouble.   Harry's POV  My eyes were probably red cause I was craving her blood so bad but I couldn't jump at her, not until the lads are here to help me out. I saw the lads walk in and i walked up to Louis "when can I drink her blood?" I whispered into Louis's ear "when we are ready for you to" he whispered back and I clenched my fists cause I wanted to drink her blood now, I craved blood and I needed it more than anything.
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