Midnight strikes

Midnight strikes is about how a girl who meets 5 boys that are handsome and also vampires who will she fall in love with?


4. Help me!

Harrys pov the boys said they are finally ready so i came up to her the boys held her hands down and her legs to i smelled her neck and it smelled sweet i bit her on the neck and she started crying i stopped and bit her arms and legs i took the shirt out of the way of her belly and bit her there she screamed and zayn covered her mouth.i kept drinking the boys said to stop but i didn't it was good she was still breathing good.the pulled me away and it was nialls turn he bit her on her chest and she cried louder he bit her on the stomach too and stopped it was zayns turn.he but her on the neck and then on her cheek she started crying even louder.it was Louis turn he bit her on the other side of her neck and stopped she was still breathing.then Liam he bit her all over her stomach she screamed louder each time Liam bit her.we were done but we all decided to keep her here so that we can eat her everyday we also tied her up on the bed.zayn was crying i said why are you crying zayn?.he said i think i like her because when i bit her i felt like i couldn't buy i was hungry so i did do it.i widened my eyes.he said dont tell anyone please harry!.i said ok.i didn't tell anyone.

mackenzies pov the guys bit me and bit me at the end they tied me up on the bed i tried getting away but it was no use.the next day~~~i woke up and a boy with emerald eyes and brown curly hair was there and said he is hungry i was gonna scream but he put tape on my mouth he but me on the stomach and bit me everywhere on my stomach.he let go and took the tape off he but my lips and i screamed and a boy with black hair came in and pushed him off and said what are you doing!.i was confused!.

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