Is it destiny?!

Mallerim has always loved one direction especially Niall and finally after turning 13 her dreams are finally coming true.


1. Meet and greet

Mallerim's POV 

"next" screamed Paul over all the screaming fans 

I couldn't believe that I was going to meet One Direction. Hi , I said shyly looking into the most beautiful blue eyes i had ever seen. He slowly looked up and stared in to my brown eyes as he sighted my poster. 

Niall's POV 

I didn't know what happened I was just sighning a poster when I heard a beautiful voice and next thing I knew I lost my mind in the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen. "Niall are you ok " the boys said shaking me back into reality. Sorry guys I just couldn't believe what I just saw  she was so beautiful ," and she's still standing in front of you " Liam said smiling. 

Mallerim's POV

I could believe I heard mill say I was beautiful! Before I even knew it my cheeks turned rose red and so were Niall's. Next thing i knew Paul escorted me out for holding back the line. 

The boy's POV

liam: go after her , I can tell you see something special in her 

zayn: yea Liam's right we have never seen you look at a girl that way 

niall: but what about Paul , he won't even let us get up

harry: don't worry about that we'll distract him now GO run after her! 

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