Connect The Pieces

Maddie was a good girl she had a awesome boyfriend and that's all she needed, till the day he cheated on her, she had to find a way to change. What happens a boy band come into her life? Will they change her forever? Or not?


2. comfort

nialls p.o.v

she pushed me away when i kissed her on the cheek. i thought she was a fan? i was so confused, she was beautiful i was just trying to comfort her. she stood up and so did i. i grabbed her hand. she didnt pull away she just walked with me hand in hand crying her eyes out i felt bad. when we reached my car i opened the door for her and she climbed in. i shut the door and went to the drivers seat i started the car she was really cold so i gave her my hoodie. she smiled and put it on. it was big on her but she was warm she bundled up into a ball and rested her head on the window. we reached my flat and we got out. she was so cute the hoodie was covering most of her bright neon orange shorts so you could only see the bottom of her shorts. her long wavy strawberry blonde hair was pulled to the front. her blue eyes were shinning in the moon light. i smiled at her she blushed and looked away. i grabbed her hand and we walked inside. as we aproched the living room all the lads turned to look at us. "hey guys this is maddie she is going through some hard times she needed a place to stay" i said to the boys. 

maddies p.o.v

i cant belive im even here i should have just walked away. why am i even here? what should i do? all of these things were running through my mind i probably looked really stupid my eyes were red from crying and i looked like a mess. i waved at the boys they all said hi but i didnt feel like talking i was in a bad mood. when it comes to boyfriends i always have something bad happen to me. i was just so done with everything. niall grabbed my hand once more and pulled me around showing me everything. i smiled at him he was cute his blonde and brown hair his shiny blue eyes his irish accent i think i had a crush on him. he showed me to the spare bedroom i hugged him for a long time he smelled really good. "thanks niall for everything i really needed some comfort. he smiled and kissed me and i didnt pull back and i kissed back he left and i feel asleep.

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