The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


16. The Test

Six weeks passed by and I was eating breakfast with Harry whilst the kids were at school. David was still asleep. When all of the sudden, I ran to the bathroom and began throwing up. Harry rushed in after me and pulled my hair back. I stood up once I was done and brushed my teeth.

Harry: What was that about? Are you okay?

Me: I Don’t know and I’m fine. I think I need to go to the store then head to work.

I work at Denny's as a waitress.

Harry: Maybe you shouldn’t go to work if your throwing up...

Me: What choice do I have? I cant afford to lose my job.

He shook his head.
Harry: At least let me drive you there...

Me: No, I need to be alone for a while.
I left. I rushed into the store. I bought a pregnancy test then drove to work. Harry brought David to band practice with him. I went into the bathroom and peed on the stick. I walked out of the stall and set the test on the counter. My co-worker walked in.

Annie: Oh, dear.

She is a close friend of mine. She is 22.

Me: Oh, hi, Annie.

Annie: Honey, what have you gotten yourself into? Who’s the boy?

Me: Zayn Malik. And it hasn’t said if its positive or not. It says to wait at least 5 minutes.

Annie: Zayn as in from One Direction?

Me: Yeah... You cant tell anybody. At least not until I tell my friends and family. Its not even for sure yet.

Annie: I know. What do you want it to be?

Me: I Don’t know. I really have no room for a baby. I already have four kids living with me.
Annie: Damn Girl!

Me: I know.

I shook the stick.
Annie: What’s it say?

I threw my hands over my mouth.

Me: Its positive!!
Annie: Oh my god!

Me: I Don’t know what to do! I cant afford another baby!
Annie: I know. I will be there for you every step of the way! Promise! Unlike that bitch who slept with your brother.

Me: Thanks, Babe.

She smiled. I called Zayn. He was at band practice.

Zayn: Hey, Mon. Whats up?

Me: I need you here at Denny's right away!

Zayn: Okay I’ll be right there. Is everything alright?

Me: Not really. Just please hurry.

I hung up.
Annie: What are you gonna tell him?

Me: That I am pregnant and he is the father. What else is there to tell him?

Our boss, Ellen, walked in.

Ellen: Get to work girls.

She then spotted the stick in my hand.

Ellen: Honey, whats that?

Me: Oh, nothing...

Ellen: I’ve had six kids. I know a positive pregnancy test when I see one. How did this happen?

Me: I had sex with this guy and now I am pregnant.

She gave me a hug. I started crying.

Me: I Don’t know what to do!

I sobbed.

Ellen: I’ll tell you where to start... Go home for a couple of weeks for some paid vacation time.

I smiled.

Ellen: And get some breakfast here on the house.

Me: Thank you so much!

She was literally like a second mom to me.
Annie: I'll deliver your breakfast to you personally!

Me: Thanks cause I threw mine up this morning.

I giggled. I took a seat at the table waiting for Zayn.

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