The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


4. The Invitation

We got to my apartment. I set my purse and keys down on the table next to the front door.

Me: Becca and Jake... Matt, David, and I are gonna run to the store and get stuff for dinner. Can you wait here?

Becca: Sure.

Becca was really bummed about mom. She didn’t care about dad after what he did to mum. I was forced to not show that I am sad because I had to be strong for the kids. I even want to legally adopt David.

Me: Jake?

Jake: Yeah. I’ll make sure that things are okay while you’re gone.

Me: Thanks. Keep this door locked.

Jake and Becca: Kay.

We got in the car and Matt buckled up David.

Me: You okay, Bubba?

Matt: Yeah, I’m fine. You?

Me: I miss Mom. I really do.

Matt: Me too. Can I ask you some questions about what happened that night?

Me: Okay.

Matt: How'd mom die?

Me: She, uh... (clears throat) Y-you know what? Can we-Can we talk about something else please?

Matt: Just answer one thing: did she suffer?

Me: No, Sweetie. It was quick.

He just nodded. I could tell by the way he stared at the floor of the passenger side that he was holding back crying.

Me: You know what? Its okay to cry. Its okay.

I pulled the car to the side of the road. I unbuckled our seat belts and opened my arms. He buried his head into my chest and bawled. I comforted him.

Me: Matty, honey, you still have me.

He sat up.

Matt: I know. You have me too.

When we got to the store, I saw a bunch of paparazzi flashing.

Me: I wonder who that could be.

I saw two One Direction guys walk up to me.

Niall: you’re that girl from that party right?

Me: That’s me. I’m Monica.

Zayn: Harry hasn’t stopped talking about you. You should give him a call.

Me: I Don’t have time for a boyfriend or even another friend. I’m sorry. I am raising a 2month old, 2 13 year olds, and a 15 year old. I’m sorry but I Don’t have time.

Niall: How old are you? You have 4 kids?!?

Me: I’m 19 and our parents died and they are my siblings.

Zayn: Oh I’m so sorry. How'd they die?

Matt began to tell them but I cut him off.
Me: It’s a long story.

We talked for a little while and then Matthew and I did our shopping. When we got home, Harry called.
Me: (On the phone) Hello?

Harry: What are you doing?

I giggled.
Me: Putting groceries away. Next I’m making dinner.

Harry: Fun...

Me: Wanna come for dinner?

Harry: Really?!? Alright. Cool.

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