The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


7. The break in

We got to our apartment and walked inside. I dropped everything in my hand except for David at the sight of broken glass and broken chairs. I had been robbed. I ran to the safe where I had kept $2,600 in it. It was all gone. That was all I had to get me through taking care of my kids. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I dropped to my knees and as I cried, I prayed.

Harry’s POV:

I decided to check on Monica and Matt to see why Monica never came back and she wasn’t answering the phone. I drove to her apartment to make sure she and Matthew were okay. I walked down the hall and saw that her front door was open. I walked in and saw that her apartment was trashed and walked to where she was on the floor crying in Matt's arms. I walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.

Me: Call 911. I will take care of your sister.

He got up and walked out to the hall.

Me: What happened, darling?

Monica: I was robbed. I have to send the kids to our abusive grandpa's house.

She sobbed in my chest.

Me: No you Don’t. I can take care of you all.
Monica: I could never ask you to do that.

Me: You didn’t ask, I offered.

Monica's POV:

I really started to feel something for this man. The fact that he is willing to take on my whole family is super sexy. The police showed up and began asking us questions.

Officer Adkins: Did you see the person break in?

Me: No, we walked in and found the house like this and my $2,600 that I had saved to take care of my siblings was gone.

Harry held David in his hands.

Officer Adkins: You guys have things missing?
Me: All my jewelry is gone. Including my late mum's necklace. And, as embarrassing as this is, my bras and panties are all gone.

Officer Adkins: What about you, Mr. Styles?

Harry: She left my hotel room to pick up her brother but never came back, so I tried calling her but she wouldn’t answer the phone. I ended up coming over instead and I saw this and her curled up in Matt's arms crying.

Jake's POV:

Me: I wonder why Matt didn’t ride the bus home.

I said to Rebecca as we got off the bus.

Rebecca: I Don’t know. Maybe he got sick or something. What are all the police cars doing here?!? You Don’t think...

We ran inside and into the elevator. When it stopped on our floor, we ran through the hallways and into our apartment. There was a police man and a trashed apartment.

Rebecca: What happened? Are you okay?!?

We ran and hugged Matt and Monica.

Monica: I’m fine. We're fine. Just a robbery. Go into your guys' room. I will come get you when it’s time to come out. Check to see if anything’s missing of yours.

We walked into the spare room that she gave to us to share.

Monica's POV:

Officer Adkins: Is this your boyfriend?

Harry looked down at me because he is way taller than me and he smiled.
Me: N-no. W-we are just friends... for now anyways.

Harry: Long story short, she's not interested.

Me: It’s not that I’m not interested, I just have a lot on my plate and I cant make time for a relationship right now. But I am totally interested.

I smiled at him. He winked at me.

Officer Adkins: Do you have someone to stay with you, Ma'am?
Harry: Me... She has me...

He volunteered sounding rather eager.

Me: Then yes sir, I do have someone... Thanks again, Officer. Have a nice day.

He left.
Harry: Are you okay?

Me: I’m fine. I have you.

We walked into my room and laid on my bed. We laid David down in his bassinet. We laid beside each other on the bed. I had my legs draped across his legs as we talked for a little while.

Harry: What are you doing tomorrow?

Me: Matty and I are cleaning this apartment because some prick broke in and made it look sloppy.

Harry: I Don’t have practice tomorrow, why Don’t I help?
Me: Oh, please, you are doing more than enough, sweetie. I can handle it.

Harry: Come on, I insist.

I nodded my head and laid my head on his chest.

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