The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


11. My mistake

Harry’s POV:

Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis comforted me. I just dropped my phone after we hung up.
Zayn: I’m sorry, mate.

Me: I really, really like her.

Zayn's POV:

Me: so do I.

I said under my breath so no one could hear me. Maybe I should go over to her and give her a shoulder to cry on. But I couldn’t let the guys no where I was going. I had to be nonchalant. I grabbed my coat and my keys and stood up.

Harry: Where are you going, Zayn?

Me: To get a drink.

Liam: No bar will serve you a drink in America because your not 21.

Me: Then I’m gonna go out. I need to be alone.

Louis: Well, I hope you feel better.

Louis was being his usual sweet self.

Monica's POV:
Me: Where is the pizza guy?

I asked myself. It had been 20 minutes since I ordered the pizza. They should be here by now. Someone knocked on the door. I expected it to be the pizza mate. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Me: Zayn?

Zayn: Hello, Darling. I figured you needed a shoulder to cry on. I thought I could mend your broken heart.

Me: Is that a quote from Over again?

Zayn: Yeah.

He laughed.

Jake: Who’s at the door, Sis?
Me: Oh, uh, Zayn... Oh, god I’m being rude. Come on in. You want a drink? Beer? Tequila?

Zayn: Sure. A beer would be lovely. Thank you.

I handed him a beer and I grabbed one for myself.

Zayn: How are you doing?

Me: I’m hurt and a little bit frazzled right now. I cannot believe he did that. he’s too violent for me.
Zayn: I’m a lover not a fighter.

Me: Me too. I Don’t condone violence.
Zayn: I have never met someone with such pretty blue eyes.

I smiled and looked the floor.

Me: Thank you.
Zayn: I mean it. Harry is an idiot for hurting you. I would never hurt you.

He scooted closer to me on the sofa. The kids were in the spare room playing a game. Zayn grabbed my hand. My heart started racing. He was about to kiss me when there was a knock at the door.

Me: Stupid pizza guy!

I walked to the door and paid the pizza guy. I called the kids for pizza. They came running out.

Me: Now...

I plopped back on the sofa.

Me: … Where were we?
Zayn: Right about here...

He leaned in and the second our lips met, Dave started crying.

Me: Aw crap!

Zayn chuckled as I stood up and picked up David out of the crib. I sat back down on the sofa.
Zayn: Why Don’t we move this party to your room?

Me: Okay...

I smiled. He took one of my hands in mine and in the other was a sleeping David. We laid on my bed and laid David in the bassinet, and started making out. It grew intense. It threw my shirt, and my panties, and my bra on the floor and my jeans at it end of the bed. I took off his shirt, jeans and boxers and threw them to the floor. We began having sex. I hadn’t done anything like this before. It was like he took me to a whole new world. It was wonderful. When we were finished, I laid my head on his chest. I couldn’t help but smile. He stood up and got dressed. He kissed me.

Zayn: I got to go before the guys start looking for me.

Me: Kay.

I walked him out after I got dressed.

Me: Bye Zayn.

Zayn: Bye Monica.

I walked back into my room where Matt was standing there with his arms folded over his chest.
Me: What?

Matt: Did you two have sex?

Me: None of your business...

Matt: It is because you are my sister.

Me: Fine yes we did. We did have sex.

I was shocked that he cared that much.

Matt: Why? You barely know the guy...

Me: Because I am pretty sure he is more than just a one night stand. I really like him.

Matt: I cant believe you! What about Harry?

He stormed out. I sighed. It was cute that he was protecting me.

Zayn's POV:

I walked into Harry and Louis' hotel room where all the guys were talking about random things. They all ran over to me.

Me: Hey guys.

I said awkwardly as they swarmed me.

Niall: You had sex.

He said positive that he was right.

Harry: With who? What girl do you know in America?

Me: Harry, can I talk to you in the hall for a second?

Harry: Sure, mate.

We walked out to the hall.

Me: Okay. What do I do when I love a girl but bro code wont let us date?

Harry: Don’t let bro code decide your love.

Me: I’m glad to hear you say that because...

I sighed.

Me: I love Monica. I slept with Monica.

Harry: You what?!? You did what?!?

He shouted. The guys ran out to the sight of the scene.
Me: I’m so sorry Harry! I cant help what I feel. I’m in love with her. I’m so sorry.

Liam: What's going on?!?

Harry: He loves Monica. He slept with Monica. I gotta call her.

He walked into his hotel room and slammed the door.

Me: I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

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