The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


15. Catching the Guilty

Monica's POV:

The whole night I spent worried sick about David. I’ve never been away from him for this long.

Me: Honey, I’ve gotta go home and see if David is okay. I’m freaking out.

Harry: Okay, I understand.

We drove home. I was having troubles with the lock on the door.

Matthew's POV:

Me: Shit!

We heard keys jingling. We quickly tried to get dressed but it was too late.

Monica’s POV:

We walked in and I got pissed at the sight of my best friend and my brother lying beside each other naked.

Me: What the fuck is this?!?

I grabbed Charlie by her hair and slammed her naked body up against the wall.

Me: You EVER come near my brother or any of my family again and I will be the death of you!!!

I took her by her hair and threw her to the hall. I then threw her clothes to the hall. I stormed to my brother.

Me: How the fuck could you do this!

I was centimeters from his face until Harry pulled me back.

Me: You think your such a man now that that bitch stole your virginity, Don’t you! Well I’ve got news for you, little boy, you live under my roof you live by my rules. From now on you work for me. No more vacation just because you got expelled!

Matt: Yes ma’am!

I could tell that he was quivering in fear. I handed him his clothes.

Me: Now get dressed!

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