</3 What if? (Adventure Time Simon and Marcy FanFic)

During one of their Mathematical Movie Club meetings, Jake accidentally lets it slip to Princess Bubblegum about Marceline's deep past with the Ice King, or 'Simon Petrikov'. Princess Bubblegum feels really bad, since she just thought Marceline was being overdramatic. Meanwhile, Marceline was actually listening in, and is crazy mad that not only did PB find out about her past, she just thought she was being 'overdramatic'. How can PB make this right?

*Note! I do not own Adventure Time or the franchise! All rights belong to Cartoon Network! This is simply a story I thought of one say after a long crying fest from watching 'I remember you' Please do not take my story! Enjoy :3*


2. What now?





*It is clear that it is too late. Princess Bubblegum knows everything, and Marceline, in a fit, breaks the large window in the Treehouse and tears out of the place. A wake of bats scatter and leave a sort of trail behind her. Meanwhile, Jake is being severely scolded by Finn, and genuinely looks scared a remorseful. We zoom in on PB, who shakes violently and sits down. "I didn't know."The words leave as a quiet whisper, barely audible. While Finn raises his voice, PB abruptly stands. "I think. . . I'll take my leave now, Finn." With a sad smile, PB turns away. You can hear Finn asking-"Princess?" softly in the background. PB smiles, and says "I'm okay.", before turning away and going out the door. A lone tear streaks down her cheek. Switch to her bedroom in the Candy Kingdom.*

*PB  flops face down onto her bed. Her voice is muffled*


PB- "Science is so easy to understand. Why are people so different?"

*PB picks up a worn, tattered pink book. It is clearly old, and her full name is printed at the top. It is her diary. She flips through quickly-a number of entries can be seen; the zombie people encounter, Braco, and when she found out about Lady. However, the most recent entry across the page from where she starts to write is about Flame Princess. You can see the words- her name, regret, and remorse.*

PB- "I've got to fix this. If I don't do something fast, Marceline could ultimately go on a rampage, and destroy the kingdom." She did not add that she wanted to fix their friendship as well. 

*She taps her pencil absentmindedly, when suddenly her face lights up.*

PB- "That's it! I know how to fix this."

*She hurriedly shoves her things into a bag, ties her hair hair up, and puts on her glasses.*

PB- "Let's do this." 


*The scene switches to a furious Marceline. She's left Finn and Jake's, and is now floating back and forth, holding on to Hambo tightly. She sighs, before slowly drifting upside down.  Her hair briefly falls in front of her face, and she blows it out of the way.*

M- "How could Jake do this to me? The last person I wanted to know was Sweet, little Miss Perfect Bonnie."

*She holds up Hambo*

M- "Hammy, what would you do?"

*There is no answer.*

M- *She sighs* "Yeah, I know. But where should we go? I don't want Bonnibel and the idiot brothers to find me. Maybe my cave in the Fire Kingdom? I could get ahold of Flambo. . . "

*Marceline shakes her head, and floats up into a tree nearby. It is a semi normal tree, and a squirrel-like thing scurrings by. Shelby, the worm, says hello. Marcy smiles weakly, and waves as Shelby scoots off. Marcy positions herself comfortably in the tree, and holds up Hambo. She stares at him for a second, before hugging him close to her and closing her eyes.*

*A few hours later, Marcilene is woken up by a sizzling sound. She hisses. Her arm has been caught in a ray of sunlight.  It is seen bubbling, but after she pulls the arm towards her, it stops. She looks down to see a very flushed Finn and Jake.*

F- "Marcilene! We've been looking all night."

J- "No offense, but couldn't you have picked a better place to hide then a tree in the middle of no where?" He says this in between deep breathes.

M- "What do you guys want?!"Her eyes narrow, she is very upset.

*Finn holds out his hands.*

F- "PB says she might have something that can help."

M-"With what? What could she possibly do to help me?" *Note, they don't hate each other, its just that their friendship is still fragile in some ways. Marcy didn't want PB to see her so weak and vulnerable. In short, she didn't want her pity.* 

F- "With Ice Ki-er, Simon."


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