</3 What if? (Adventure Time Simon and Marcy FanFic)

During one of their Mathematical Movie Club meetings, Jake accidentally lets it slip to Princess Bubblegum about Marceline's deep past with the Ice King, or 'Simon Petrikov'. Princess Bubblegum feels really bad, since she just thought Marceline was being overdramatic. Meanwhile, Marceline was actually listening in, and is crazy mad that not only did PB find out about her past, she just thought she was being 'overdramatic'. How can PB make this right?

*Note! I do not own Adventure Time or the franchise! All rights belong to Cartoon Network! This is simply a story I thought of one say after a long crying fest from watching 'I remember you' Please do not take my story! Enjoy :3*


5. Magic Man, not now!




*Finns vision shifts over Marcy's shoulder, and before he  even gasp, a bright flash of yellow tattered cloth and green skin. Jake gasps in the background and is knocked out down by Finn, who is tackled by the Magic Man. Marcy dodges him, and quickly readjusts the Ice King, who is still unconcious, in her arms. *


F- "Yo, Magic Man, what the fluff?!"

J-"Yeah man, we have important stuff to do."

 MM- "What kind of important stuff?!?!" *He is obviously interested and wants to be nosy.

*Annoyed, Marcielene gestures to Finn and Jake. She is in a rush, and now seems excited about this whole thing. She is seriously hoping that PBs plan will work, but she doesn't want to seem too interested. However, her eyes are big, and slightly sparkling.*

M- "Well, I cants exactly say, Magic Man, but I bet Finn and Jake could. it's really very complicated, and I just  . . . " *Her voice trails off, and she turns away. She slowly begins to float away with the Ice King, and ditches Finn and Jake with the ever annoying Magic Man.*

M- "Heh, Sorry guys. "

*Marcelene shifts her hold on Ice King, who is beginning to stir. He mumbles something about having to feed Gunter later, and Marcy smiles down at him affectionately before bolting towards the Candy Kingdom. 


*Time Skip*

*Princess Bubblegum is seen herding out Mr. Swizzle, who is still frantically shouting out his address. She shoves the elderly candy cane into his bewildered wifes arms, who starts screaming, "Harold, Harold?!". PB pays no attention to the couple and slams the door in their faces just as Marcilene bursts through the nearest window. PB shakes her head and sighs, but does not comment. Marcy places the now semi-conscious Ice King in a chair, and proceeds to slap him across the face. *

IK- "Hey! What was that for?!"

M- "Nothing, just to wake you up. Now come on, come on Bonnibel! Let's get this show on the road!"

*Still silent, PB nods as Marcy scopes up Ice King and, surprisingly carefully,  sets him down in the middle of the chamber and shuts the door, before he could try and escape. He picks up the top hat, and is distressed when he cannot get it off.*

IK- "So, we're playing 'Lock Ice King in a Metal Tube', are we? I like this game."

*PB rolls her eyes.*
PB- "Alright. . . "

*She coughs dramatically*

PB- "I hope *cough cough* this works." *cough cough*

*Marcy isn't paying attention. Her eyes are glued to the chamber. She can practically see it now-Ice King rubbing his eyes, blinking rapidly before suddenly recognizing her. "Marcy!", he'd say. "I missed you." *

*PB pulls down a lever, the same one from before with Mr. Swizzle, and suddenly there is a cliche flash of blue light, and you can hear the Ice King's screams. *

M- "Simon? Simon!"

*PB holds her back as the light fades from around the chamber. Ice King is slumped on the ground, but slowly looks up and rubs his eyes. He definitely is different-he is more aware, and the usual gleam in his eyes is gone. He does not notice that his crown has fallen, and is currently rolling away as the blue-gray door opens, or  that the top hat had fallen backwards.  Before Marcilene can speak, run, jump, or hug him, he begins to speak.*

SP (Simon)- "I daresay, where am I? My hair, why is it so long? And white! My skin, it is. . .blue? Ah, no matter, my outer appearance is of no importance. But where is my beloved princess? Where is my Betty?"

*As he rambles along to himself, Simon begins looking around the lab, very perplexed. It seems as though the question of where he is or what he is doing there does not matter-he is only very intent on finding Betty. Meanwhile, Marcy shoves PB away while she is still surprised at this outcome. SHe floats down to the still rambling professor.*

M- ". . . Simon?"

SP- "Hm, who is it-AH! W-what on Earth is THAT ?!" *Simon scoots away as Marcy tries to get close.*

M- "Simon, what do you mean? It's me, Marcy! Please, don't you remember?!" *Tears begin to well up in her eyes.*

SP- " 'Marcy', you say?" *He sniffs.* "The only 'Marcy' I know is about 85 years old, and lives in Wales. I have no recollection of ever being associated with a beast such as yourself, let alone one named 'Marcy'. Now, is you'll excuse me, I must be off. I need to find my fiancee, and inform her about my recent discoveries on the book called, 'The Enchiridion' ."

*Simon rushes out the door, and up above we can hear Princess Bubblegum yelling for the Banana Guards. In her shock, Marcilene sinks to her knees, her tears flowing freely. Simon did not remember her-and he had even called her a beast! He was still so scramble minded. Marcilene wallowed in her pity just as Bubblegum wallowed in guilt. It was clear that she had overshot the memory target, and had instead brought back the Pre-Mushroom War Simon, the scientist, who had no memory of Marcilene at all. This was worse than before, to have been so close, yet so far.*







BTW, Simons' personality was just my interpretation if what I think he'd be like :3

Hope you enjoyed this chapter,

Write ya later,



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