</3 What if? (Adventure Time Simon and Marcy FanFic)

During one of their Mathematical Movie Club meetings, Jake accidentally lets it slip to Princess Bubblegum about Marceline's deep past with the Ice King, or 'Simon Petrikov'. Princess Bubblegum feels really bad, since she just thought Marceline was being overdramatic. Meanwhile, Marceline was actually listening in, and is crazy mad that not only did PB find out about her past, she just thought she was being 'overdramatic'. How can PB make this right?

*Note! I do not own Adventure Time or the franchise! All rights belong to Cartoon Network! This is simply a story I thought of one say after a long crying fest from watching 'I remember you' Please do not take my story! Enjoy :3*


4. Ice Kingdom



*The scene switches to the outside view of the newly repaired Ice Kingdom. Then, the scene changes to the view of the living room. Finn notices a still-melted part and rubs his arm awkwardly. Meanwhile, Jake is stretching through windows, and Marclene is drifting along, until she accidentally touches a hidden panel, which reveals a set of stairs. The trio looks at each other, before immiedity racing down the steps.  Finn reaches the bottom breathless; as does Jake. Marcy appears to be fine, but her eyes grow huge when she looks away from the boys. They've stumbled upon the Ice Kings brand new Fiona and Cake shrine, which is bigger and better than before. Hundreds of pages, drawings and notes litter the floor, and a large statue depicting Fiona, Cake, Gumball, and Marshall Lee towers over everything. Ice King is sitting in the center at the base of the statue. With a nod, Finn and Jake walk over the Ice King and start pulling him away from the statue. He struggles, saying "Guys?! What the glob are you doing?!" but passes out when his head hits the steps. The two continue to drag him until Marcy offers to take him. The group quickly leaves the Ice Kingdom-Gunter is giving them strange looks, but does not protest. They are a bit creeped out, with the exception of Marcy.*

M-"Geez, I never really noticed how heavy this old geezer is, even though he's practically a stick."

F- "Yeah, I guess we just kind of. . .forgot about it. . . "

*His gaze switches to just over Marceline's shoulder, where a large something is racing towards them.*

J-"Yo, Finn, whatcha looking at?"

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