Heart Of Fire



1. The Voices



  Winter - The time of the year where the earth is covered in a blanket of frozen water. Making sure everything is in a deep slumber. The days are shorter and almost no sun, leaving me in the darkness of my own shadow. Looking for my very own soul - My Voice. I am trying to call upon my sisters but none of them hears my cry for help. I am nothing but a lost soul, waiting to get my Voice back. My name is Gaeaf and I was the Voice of Winter.

  Spring - The time when the earth wakes up from a deep and long slumber under the blanket of frozen water, as my sister call it. Days are slowly getting longer, the occupants of the forests has now slowly awoken, stretching and meeting up with friends and family. Even though, I cannot be heard. I have lost my soul - My Voice. And now I am wandering the forests to find it. I am calling upon my sisters, but they do not answer me. My name is Gwanwyn and I was the Voice of Spring.

  Summer - The earth has awoken fully and now dancing in the suns warming rays, welcoming it's warming embrace with joy and ang song. The days are long, the evenings and nights are warm, letting the faries dance their dances celebrating the life Mother Earth has given them. Though I cannot celebrate with them. My calls to my sisters do not reach them and I am only a shadow in the forest, wandering helpless around. My name is Haf and I was the Voice of Summer.

  Autumn - Leaves are falling, making the trees naked. Filling the Nature with a blanket of red, yellow and brown colors, it looks like a dream. Prepareing it for the long slumber to come. The Faries helping the occupants gathering enough food for the cold winter, celebrating before joining their host in the long slumber. For me there's nothing to celebrate. I cannot be heard and I have been crying out loud for them to hear me. But nothing return answers to me. My name is Hydref and I was the Voice of Autumn.


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