The Forgotten Beginning

For the first sixteen years of her life, Naomi Hault had lived her life with only her mother by her side. For her birthday, all she asks for is his identity and a chance to meet the father she had missed out on having while growing. Naomi sets out on a epic journey to find her father, whom she loved so very much but had never met, finding danger and making friends all along the way.


1. Chapter One

     My mother has always said that I had my father's eyes.  She told me that she sometimes caught herself getting lost in mine just as she had in his.  They were crystal blue.  They seemed to be to light and fragile, almost as if they were glass.  But as cold and blue as their color looked to be, the beautiful irises were a heart-warming sight to see.  My father and I both shared this beautiful feature, but I've only been told this.  Never have I seen proof.  Never have I been able too look into my father's eyes and know that what I had been told was true. 

     It's been just my mother and I for as long as I could remember.  We lived on what we had.  Money has always been short for us but we somehow always managed to pay the rent each month.  We lived in a small apartment that had just enough space for the both of us.  My mother and I have a strong relationship, she is my best friend.  We tell each other everything, almost everything. 

     I sat down at the kitchen nook pouring myself a bowl of cereal. The clock ticked louder today, ticking each second away as it got closer to my birthday.  My mother walked in concealed in her bathrobe and her hair looking more like a nest then usual.  She sat down beside me with a sleepy smile. 

"Only a week baby." She yawned poring herself a bowl of the cereal that I had left out. 

"I know! I can't wait!" I smiled.

     My mother stood up and walked to her room.  She returned smiling and holding a wrapped gift in her hands. She placed it before me.

"What's this?" I asked looking from it to her.

"Well why don't you open it and find out." She replied with a laugh. 

     I felt my lips tighten as my smile grew bigger.  I ripped off the concealing paper to reveal a box, a laptop depicted on it. I looked up to my mother with a perplexed look. How could we afford a Mac-Book Pro?

My mother smiled wide and proudly. "I had some money set aside. I thought maybe it would help you with your homework or whatever." 

"Wow mom, thanks. I don't, I don't know what to say. Thank you!" I was at a loss of words. This was the best thing I was ever given.

"You're very welcome baby. You better get going though. It's your last day of school!" She cheered combing her fingers through her hair. 

     I kissed her cheek thanking her for the early birthday present then grabbed my bag walking out to the bus stop. 

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